Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1954 - Trust

Chapter 1954: Trust

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"What… what do you want to do?"

She backed up two steps, trembling all over.

Yun Xiao was expressionless, his eyes chilly, and he looked like a god of death who could easily harvest people's lives in the blink of an eye.

"Ghost Emperor," Qiao Zixuan turned pale and hurried forward, "my sister is young and ignorant. Please forgive her. Besides, she is the princess of the Ziyue Kingdom. You'll be in trouble if you kill her."

Even though Qiao Zixuan didn't like this sister, he would not watch her being killed in front of him.

Yun Xiao didn't speak but approached Qiao Zixuan and Qiao Yefeng with a cold face.

On the stage, Cheng Feiyang didn't want to meddle in the affairs of other countries, but after all, Qiao Yefeng was the princess of the Ziyue Kingdom and came to attend the Four-Kingdom Tournament. How could he let her be killed here?

So, he cleared his throat and said, "No matter what grudge you bear against each other, please settle it after the Four-Kingdom Tournament. Then our Jinyang Kingdom won't interfere."

Yun Xiao looked at Cheng Feiyang coldly and didn't stop. A fierce wind hit Qiao Yefeng and made her shoot out like an arrow from the string. Blood was pouring out of her mouth.

Cheng Feiyang's face changed. To his surprise, this man dared to defy his words!

"Yun Xiao."

Just then, Yun Luofeng's voice came from behind him, "Just teach her a lesson. Don't beat her to death for now."

"She falsely accused me," said Yun Xiao with some grievances.

"Just teach her a lesson. I want to handle her myself!" Yun Luofeng squinted.

She coveted her man and slandered her. How could she let her get away with it?

Seeing Yun Xiao's aggrieved face, Yun Luofeng whispered to comfort him, "Do you think I believe her words? We've been together for over ten years and have been through countless trials and hardships. How could my trust in you be broken by a few words from someone?"

Hearing Yun Luofeng's words, Yun Xiao was finally relieved. Under the mask, a gentle smile appeared on his face.

"Okay, I'm all yours."

Hearing his words, everyone felt their hearts skip a beat. This man was as horrible as a ghost, but even he could be so docile.

Yes, looking at Yun Xiao, the word that came to their minds was — docile!

Qiao Yefeng's body trembled harder, and she couldn't help remembering the first time she saw him when he was as ruthless as a ghost…

At that time, he, like the king of the world, was so domineering and powerful, as if he could take away someone's life in the blink of an eye. No one of the Ziyue Kingdom would have imagined that the ruthless killer could be so gentle…

"This is Fengyun City!"

Cheng Feiyang pounded on the table and jumped to his feet, his face harsh and cold, "Young Master, you can solve your personal affairs after the tournament."

As if not hearing Cheng Feiyang's words, Yun Xiao had walked up to Qiao Yefeng. His eyes were cold and commanding. He, like a king, coldly stared at Qiao Yefeng. He looked at her as if looking at a dead person…


Yun Xiao stepped on Qiao Yefeng's chest without any mercy.

"Ghost Emperor!" Qiao Zixuan felt Yun Xiao's awesome power. Fear welled up within him. He clenched his teeth, "Please spare her life."

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