Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1953 - I’ll Only Have One Wife in My Life

Chapter 1953: I'll Only Have One Wife in My Life

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Ironically, Qao Yefeng had no idea that her father decided to give her to Yun Xiao as a concubine without asking for Yun Xiao's opinion. Yun Xiao never knew she existed!

"Haha," Qiao Yefeng sneered, "You don't dare to say what you've done because this woman is around, right? If you didn't have a crush on me, why did you let my father force me to be your woman?"

Her father told her that the Ghost Emperor had been looking for a woman who was probably his wife. However, she always thought that the woman who took a fancy to the Ghost Emperor must be extremely ugly too. But she didn't expect that woman was Yun Luofeng!

At the thought of it, Qiao Yefeng felt like she was being slapped in the face.

Yun Xiao's face was frighteningly cold, and his aura suddenly changed.

"Qiao Yefeng!" Seeing his sister uttering stupid words, Qiao Zixuan tried to stop her, fearing that the fool would bring trouble to the Ziyue Kingdom because of her stupidity. "Apologize to the Ghost Emperor!"


Those who didn't know Yun Xiao's identity were shocked by Qiao Zixuan's words.

He actually asked the Ziyue Kingdom's princess to apologize to this unidentified man?

"No way!" Qiao Yefeng was very angry. She stared at Yun Luofeng coldly, "I tell you, what you have got is a man I don't want. Do you think your man is really crazy about you? All I have to do is to crook my finger and he will come to me!"

Even Qiao Zixuan was ashamed of Qiao Yefeng's words. Since the Ghost Emperor showed up, he hadn't looked at her and even claimed that he didn't know her. How could she say such shameless words?

In fact, Qiao Zixuan didn't know about Yun Xiao's real strength, because he wasn't in the Ziyue Kingdom that day when Yun Xiao fought those two strong masters.

And the Emperor of the Ziyue Kingdom kept what happened that day a secret to save his face.

Therefore, he only knew that his father respected the Ghost Emperor a lot, but didn't know the real reason. If he had known that even the two strong masters of the Ziyue Kingdom couldn't resist the Ghost Emperor, he would never give Qiao Yefeng a chance to say a word!

Yun Luofeng gave a faint smile and her black eyes were filled with a wicked light.

"Yun Xiao, it seems that you had a good time when I was not around?"

She forgot that Yun Xiao had a one-track mind in front of her, but Yun Xiao had taken her joke seriously. At that moment, he felt so nervous, and killing intent appeared in his cold black eyes.

Of course, this killing intent was not directed at Yun Luofeng.

"Are you from the Ziyue Kingdom?" Yun Xiao's voice was so cold that the temperature around him dropped a bit.

Qiao Yefeng sneered, "You know the answer!"

"It seems… the Ziyue Kingdom should disappear." Yun Xiao's tone was murderous, "I didn't expect that the Emperor of the Ziyue Kingdom would give me women as a gift!"

Qiao Yefeng was stunned.

Her father gave him women as a gift? What did he mean?

Didn't he force her father to do it?

"I have only one wife in my life," said Yun Xiao, turning his eyes to Qiao Yefeng.

It was the first time he looked at Qiao Yefeng, but Qiao Yefeng immediately learned what fear was from that look.

"Anyone who tries to undermine our affection shall die!"

His words were as concise as ever and he released a murderous aura that made Qiao Yefeng's body shiver. At that moment, she remembered the grand spectacle when Yun Xiao fought with the two strong masters that day…


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