Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1951 - The Tournament Began (6)

Chapter 1951: The Tournament Began (6)

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Outside the gate.

A black-clad man stopped in midair. He looked down at the imposing gate and gave a faint smile. However, just as he was about to enter the gate, two soldiers of the Jinyang Kingdom stopped him.

"Stop, show us your identity seal!"

"Go away!"


As soon as he snapped, the guards felt a powerful aura hit their chest and send them into the city gate. By the time they realized what happened, the man was gone…

"Come on, report to His Majesty that some unidentified man has intruded."

A soldier stood up with difficulty, covering his wounded chest and gasping for breath. Then despite his injury, he tried to reach the field where the Four-Kingdom Tournament was being held…

Fengyun City was small, so the black-clad man soon reached the crowded field. From a distance, he glimpsed a white-clad woman standing among the crowd.

Just then, the white-clad woman seemed to perceive something and suddenly looked up only to see his affectionate eyes, and she felt her heart skip a beat. When she met his gaze, she forgot all the noises around and her eyes could only see the man in the sky.

"Miss Yun?" Qi Su noticed Yun Luofeng's abnormal behavior and followed her gaze only to see the god-like man in the sky.

His first impression of this man was that he was powerful! Although wearing a mask, he still looked so powerful and domineering.

Qiao Yefeng also saw the man in the sky. She frowned and complained, "This man is really shameless. He must have chased me here after finding out I came to Fengyun City."

Curious about Yun Xiao's identity, a prince of the Jinyang Kingdom turned to Qiao Yefeng when he heard her words.

"Princess Feng, do you know the man?"

"Yes," Qiao Yefeng sneered disdainfully, "This man covets me, dreams to get me, and asked my father to marry me to him. But why doesn't he take a look at himself? He is so ugly. Of course I won't marry him."

She didn't tell the prince that her father intended to give her to the man as a concubine. If this new was spread, everyone on the continent would laugh at her!

As they spoke, the man in the sky had walked down slowly. His cold eyes were full of affection and his black eyes were fixed on the woman in white through the crowd.


He finally found her…

He would never stay away from her in the rest of his life.

Hearing Yun Xiao calling 'Feng'er', Qiao Yefeng thought he was calling her, her face filled with disgust.

Qiao Yefeng haughtily raised her chin and said defiantly, "Ghost Emperor, I finally escaped from the Ziyue Kingdom and came here. Why did you come here? Who allowed you to call me that? You shouldn't covet someone who will never belong to you just because my father respects you!"

The man looked at her with such tender eyes, so he surely wouldn't be offended by her words! Otherwise, her father would punish her.

Hearing Qiao Yefeng's words, the crowd thought they knew what happened between them and looked at Yun Xiao with sympathy.

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