Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1949 - The Tournament Began (4)

Chapter 1949: The Tournament Began (4)

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"Your Highness," the imperial maid finally couldn't bear it. She carefully tugged on the sleeve of Qiao Yefeng, "she meant Princess fell for Qi Su, but Qi Su is the fiancé of the princess of the Liufeng Kingdom, so you spoke ill of Qi Su…"

The imperial maid had put it euphemistically. What she tried to say was that Qiao Yefeng humiliated Qi Su in public because she couldn't win his love.

It was true, wasn't it?

Qiao Yefeng finally understood what Yun Luofeng meant, and her beautiful face was all red. She bit her lips tightly and clenched her fists.

Mu Xuexin sneered, "You'd better go back and gain more knowledge so that you won't be confused about the meaning of sour grapes."

In front of so many people, Qiao Yefeng was disgraced. Her face was full of resentment and shame. She glared at Yun Luofeng, her eyes no longer filled with jealousy but malice. She couldn't touch Mu Xuexin, but she could punish Yun Luofeng!

As the crowd was laughing out loud, the Imperial Family of the Jinyang Kingdom finally arrived. However, no one dared to blame them for being late. They all stood quietly on the spot and stopped laughing.

"Sorry, I'm late."

The Emperor of the Jinyang Kingdom, Cheng Feiyang strode over, flicked his sleeves and sat on the dragon throne. By his side there stood a beautiful young woman.

The woman had long black hair that was like a waterfall, thick and smooth. She was elegant and beautiful. If describing her beauty with a poem, that should be 'Out of Clear Water Lotus Engraved by Nature.' Without any makeup, she looked unworldly beautiful. In a purple skirt, she looked elegant and dignified. A light yellow ribbon was tied around her waist, which made her look very graceful.

Qi Su looked at the woman standing next to Cheng Feiyang and whispered to Yun Luofeng, "She is the first talent of the Jinyang Kingdom, Princess Jinyang! As Cheng Feiyang's favorite daughter, she is the second-most powerful person in the Jinyang Kingdom, even more powerful than the Empress."

Yun Luofeng's eyes also fell on Princess Jinyang.

Feeling her inquisitive gaze, Princess Jinyang also looked at her…

Though she was a woman, she was still stunned by the beauty of the gorgeous woman in the crowd. She thought she was peerlessly beautiful, but now she met a woman much more beautiful than her. In fact, if only by appearance, she didn't think she was inferior to her.

But the woman had a special temperament that no one else possessed. She was like a queen descending to the world.

Everyone was looking at Cheng Feiyang and Princess Jinyang. At this moment, even the haughty Qiao Yefeng didn't feel jealous of Princess Jinyang.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this tournament will be held by our Jinyang Kingdom. Whoever wins the tournament will unify the four kingdoms and become the real hegemon of the four kingdoms!"

Cheng Feiyang smiled faintly, his eyes shining with sophistication. Although the Jinyang Kingdom was the strongest among the four kingdoms, the other countries also endorsed this Tournament. That was because they needed someone to be in charge of the whole Fengyun Continent.

Of course, everyone hoped that the person could be themselves!

"Next, team leaders, please report the number of your team members!"

Other than the Tianqi Kingdom that had two teams, all the other countries only had one team.

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