Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1948 - The Tournament Began (3)

Chapter 1948: The Tournament Began (3)

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"Brother, did I say anything wrong?"

Qiao Yefeng clenched her fists, "I know you don't want to affect the Four Kingdom Tournament, but I really can't bear it. I can't believe there are such a stupid woman and such a shameless man in the world! Fortunately, I'm smart enough not to be fooled by this man."

"Didn't you hear me? Shut up!" The well-dressed man raised his hand and slapped Qiao Yefeng.

To be honest, he had long wanted to beat this woman. She always thought she was the smartest person in the world, but in fact, no one was more stupid than her. His father hated quarreling princes and princesses, so no matter how he wanted to beat her, he couldn't do it.

However, they were at Fengyun City now. How could he miss this chance? Even if the woman went back to complain to Father, he wasn't in the wrong!

"Qiao Zixuan!" Qiao Yefeng was stunned by the slap. It took a long time for her to realize what happened. She covered her swollen cheek and stared at the man in front of her in disbelief, "How dare you beat me?"

Maybe she was too angry. She called him by his name instead of Brother!

"I just wanted to teach you a lesson. How could you say those things before figuring out his identity?" Qiao Zixuan snorted, "Qi Su is the young master of the Qi Family, and the Qi Family is the most powerful family in the Liufeng Kingdom! How could you claim he was a guard?"

Qiao Yefeng was stunned.

Why did such a person come to attend the Four Kingdom Tournament?

Wasn't the Four Kingdom Tournament a competition between princes and princesses of the four kingdoms? And they would only bring guards and maids here with them! Most importantly, why did the heir to the most powerful family of the Liufeng Kingdom… stand with the Tianqi Kingdom team?

Although Qiao Yefeng knew she made a mistake, she didn't apologize but shouted angrily, "Brother, he isn't even a member of the imperial family. You beat me just for such a lowly person?"

What was so important about this 'most powerful family'?

Could it be stronger than the Imperial Family?

Besides, she didn't say anything wrong. Qi Su wanted to marry Mu Xuexin for the status of the Imperial Family. Otherwise, given Mu Xuexin's identity, she should marry someone from another imperial family…

Qiao Zixuan didn't bother to explain to her and just said coldly, "If you still want to stay here, you must listen to me. Otherwise, I will send you back to the Ziyue Kingdom."

Hearing that Qiao Zixuan was going to send her back, Qiao Yefeng immediately shut her mouth in fright and dared not say another word.

Hearing Qiao Yefeng slandering Qi Su like this, Mu Xuexin angrily came forward and was going to argue with her, but Yun Luofeng stopped her. "She said the grapes were sour because she couldn't get them. Do you want to argue with her whether the grapes are really sour or not?"

Not to mention Mu Xuexin, even the onlookers were stunned. After a while, they figured out what she meant and burst into laughter.

"Nonsense!" Qiao Yefeng, pushing away the imperial maid who tried to stop her, glared at Yun Luofeng, "When did I say anything about sour grapes? And you said I couldn't get grapes? What a joke! As a princess of the Ziyue Kingdom, of course I can get grapes!"

Those imperial maids and guards of the Ziyue Kingdom were so ashamed that they wished they could find a hole to hide in. Qiao Zixuan turned blue in embarrassment. Only Qiao Yefeng wondered why people laughed more loudly after hearing her words.

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