Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1946 - The Tournament Began (1)

Chapter 1946: The Tournament Began (1)

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"Miss Yun wants to support Qi Ling."

He told about Yun Luofeng's purpose simply.

Mu Xuexin nodded in understanding, "I've heard of the second prince of the Tianqi Kingdom. He is really someone. Miss Yun has a sharp eye. He will surely become a good helping hand for her in the future."

Qi Su touched the back of his head and smiled shyly, "Mu'er, I will be with the Tianqi Kingdom team these days. If you have any problem, come to me at any time and I'll be glad to help you." Qi Su was still worried that she would be bullied here.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine."

That being said, Mu Xuexin's eyes dimmed as she thought of Qiao Yefeng's words. Her father had no son but only a daughter, so she became an object of ridicule of the princesses and princes of other countries.

Seeing Qi Su's worried eyes, Mu Xuexin added, "If I need your help, I will go to you."

Hearing it, Qi Su smiled, "Then I will go back first. Miss Yun may need me to do things for her. Take a good rest."

Mu Xuexin thought for a moment and nodded, "Ok, then I'll visit Miss Yun tomorrow."

For some reason, Mu Xuexin liked Yun Luofeng a lot. Perhaps, that was because she saved her and her father…

At this time, Qiao Yefeng angrily walked into the room prepared for the Ziyue Kingdom and cursed ferociously, "That man must be blind. I'm a hundred times more beautiful than Mu Xuexin, but he only paid attention to Mu Xuexin."

"Your Highness," Xiao Cui said. With red fingermarks still on her face, she didn't dare speak as thoughtlessly as before. She said carefully, "I just heard Mu Xuexin call that man Qi Su, but there isn't a prince named Qi Su in the four kingdoms."

Qiao Yefeng paused and said, "Yes, the man didn't look like a prince. Is he a guard of some prince? No wonder he ignored me. That's because he knows I'm not as gullible as Mu Xuexin!"

The more Qiao Yefeng thought of it, the more she felt she was right. A guard became the princess's fiancé. How could the Liufeng Kingdom's Emperor allow this to happen? That guard didn't fall for her, because he knew that the Liufeng Kingdom had no prince. As the Emperor's son-in-law, if he married his favorite daughter, maybe he would pass the throne to him?

"Fortunately, I didn't pursue such a man, a person willing to sell himself to Mu Xuexin for the sake of power. Such a person is truly disgusting!" A touch of disgust flickered across Qiao Yefeng's eyes and she felt lucky that she was not mesmerized by that young man's handsome face.

She looked up at the fingermarks on Xiao Cui's face and asked, "I didn't mean to hit you just now. I was just too angry. Does it still hurt?"

Xiao Cui'e eyes were filled with grateful tears and she hurriedly shook her head, "Thank you, Princess, I don't feel any pain."

"That's good," Qiao Yefeng smiled, "Spread a rumor for me, saying that Mu Xuexin's fiancé is just a small guard… "

After all, Qiao Yefeng was not from the Liufeng Kingdom and didn't know much about the other countries, so she didn't know Qi Su's status in the Liufeng Kingdom, nor did she know what happened in the Liufeng Kingdom not long ago.

Though she didn't know, it didn't mean the other princesses and princes didn't know it either, so she was just asking to be insulted by asking her maid to spread this rumor…


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