Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1942 - Broke Through to the Heavenly-God Level (6)

Chapter 1942: Broke Through to the Heavenly-God Level (6)

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He couldn’t tell her that he had broken through the seal, because he wanted to stay by her side. Otherwise, the woman would not let him stay! Besides…

After he saw how many dangers Yun Luofeng would have to face, it was even less likely for him to leave her!

“Let’s go.”

Yun Luofeng turned her head to Qi Ling and his men and didn’t speak to Mo Qiancheng again.

Not long ago, there was a big crowd of people, but now only three of them were left. Feeling a bit sentimental, Qi Ling took a final look at the surviving elite and forced himself to turn his head, “Let’s go.”

Behind them, the brave soldiers bowed to them until their figures completely disappeared…

The Tianqi Kingdom.

Noble Consort Lin was lying on her side on a soft couch, her long black hair falling down to the floor. Although she was middle-aged, she took good care of herself, so she still looked gorgeous.

“Your Highness!”

At this moment, a discomfited figure rushed in, “Something bad happened, Your Highness!” An imperial maid came tumbling over, her face filled with panic.

Noble Consort Lin frowned, “What’s the matter?”

“Your Highness, the men you sent to kill the second prince’s elite troops were all killed!”


Noble Consort Lin’s heart ached and she jumped to her feet from the soft couch, her beautiful face ghastly pale.

“What did you say?”

They were all killed?

As far as she knew, Yun Luofeng was just a god-level spirit cultivator. She could cope with the heavenly-god level spirit cultivators just because she had the dragon scale armor. But she sent two heavenly-god level spirit cultivators!

By no means could Yun Luofeng be their rival.

“Your Highness, it’s true. Our men have found the bodies of Elder Bai and the other elder… ”

Noble Consort Lin went pale and fell to the floor, biting her lips tightly and trembling.

How could it be?

Even two heavenly-god level spirit cultivators couldn’t defeat Yun Luofeng?

How powerful was that woman?

At this moment, Noble Consort felt frightened and regretted sending people to ambush her…

“Besides, Your Highness, I heard that the second miss of the Jian Family was disabled by someone,” the imperial maid said with a trembling voice.

“What does this have to do with me?” Noble Consort Lin was worried about Yun Luofeng’s revenge, and her face turned sour when she heard the imperial maid’s words.

“Here is the thing. Your Highness, several days ago, a man went to the second prince’s estate to look for Yun Luofeng. He happened to meet the second miss of the Jian Family who was wandering outside the second prince’s estate. She claimed that Yun Luofeng was lewd, seducing Qi Su and then the second prince. The man became so angry that he disabled her.”

Noble Consort Lin frowned. The man was really bodacious! How dare he touch the Jian Family’s people?

However, how could Yun Luofeng’s friend be an ordinary person?

The Jian Family was really unfortunate. She heard that Jian Yi offended Yun Luofeng and was imprisoned by her. Then the Jian Family paid a great price to redeem their only remaining daughter. However, Jian Yi offended her again and was disabled. The Jian Family wouldn’t be able to exchange her for a fortune…

“Do you know where the man came from?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that he was wearing a mask… ”


Noble Consort Lin thought for a moment and had no impression of such a man, so she waved her hand and said, “You can leave now. I need to calm down.”

Heavenly-god level spirit cultivators were important even for the Imperial Family.


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