Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1939 - Broke Through to the Heavenly-God Level (3)

Chapter 1939: Broke Through to the Heavenly-God Level (3)

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“Humph, we finally solved this woman!” The old man in gray snorted and said grimly, “Let’s go, we should go back.”

However, just as the two of them turned around, a wicked and domineering voice suddenly came from the smoke-covered land.

“Qi Su, get out of the way!

The sound made the two old men stiffen. Qi Su and Qi Ling paused for a second before they responded. They quickly withdrew by hundreds of meters…

Mo Qiancheng’s glassy eyes gradually glowed as he stared into the smoke-covered sky for fear of missing the smallest detail…

As the dust cleared, Yun Luofeng’s figure slowly appeared.

The woman was a bit discomfited, but she still looked spotlessly clean. Her dragon scale armor had completely disappeared, and her white robe was torn into pieces.

The old man in white looked back in surprise, and the pupils of his eyes suddenly diffused. He suddenly found it hard to breathe.

“You… are still alive?”

How was this possible?

How could this woman still be alive?

Yun Luofeng answered him with a mysterious smile, “I have a gift for you.”


Before the two old men could react, they heard a crash and a thundercloud appeared in the sky.

This thundercloud glowed purple and rumbled, and then, without warning, a lightning bolt came down.


The two old men, near Yun Luofeng, were also hit by the lightning, and a whine went out of their mouths.

“You… you are having a breakthrough?”

Lightning punishment would occur when someone broke through from the god level to the heavenly-god level.

And this woman had a breakthrough at this time?

“I should thank you for helping me break through my bottleneck. Without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.”

The old man in white was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He gnashed his teeth, “You think you can kill us with the heavenly lightning punishment? I tell you, no way! I have experienced heavenly lightning punishment!”

After all, he had broken through from the god level to the heavenly-god level, so he had experienced heavenly lightning punishment. It was impossible to kill them with heavenly lightning punishment.

Yun Luofeng gave a wicked smile, “Unfortunately, my heavenly lightning punishment is different from the others’… ”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As soon as she said this, the heavenly lightning punishment came again. This one was more powerful than the previous one, directly hit the two old men’s bodies and made them whine shrilly!

However, it was not yet the end…

Lightning bolts, much more powerful than the previous ones, kept falling like rain, leaving the two old men no strength to escape.


Seeing that the two old men kept whining miserably, the crowd was dumbfounded.

Qi Su was stunned when he saw the powerful heavenly lightning punishment, his eyes glassy.

Suddenly, he cried out loud, “Oh, my gosh!”

Hearing it, Qi Ling turned to him. “What happened?”

Qi Su’s expression kept changing. “Nearly a year ago, someone broke through to the god level near our Liufeng Kingdom, causing a heavenly lightning punishment. It was so fierce that all the strong masters in the Liufeng Kingdom were shocked by it.”

“At that time, I found Miss Yun close to the place where that heavenly lightning punishment occurred!”

“Unfortunately, at that time, I thought Miss Yun was just unluckily injured by the heavenly lightning punishment. But now I think the person who triggered the heavenly lightning punishment was her.”

At the thought of this, Qi Su took a deep breath.

He remembered the whole Liufeng Kingdom was searching for the strong master who caused such a powerful heavenly lightning punishment everywhere, but it never occurred to him that that strong master was at his side…

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