Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1936 - Idiots Who Pose as Being Righteous

Chapter 1936: Idiots Who Pose as Being Righteous

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The white-robed elder’s eyes dimmed. “I didn’t see them killing, only you chasing them. I had no alternative but to step out and stop you.”

“Oh? That’s to say, this group of people around me committed suicide? Or perhaps there was an internal massacre?” Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes as she spoke with an angry smile.

The white-robed elder had an indifferent expression. “It’s possible.”

“Are you an idiot or do you think everyone is a moron? Clearly, my men were killed by these people, yet you’re still sprouting bullsh*t with your eyes open?” Yun Luofeng pressed in closer to those two elders. “Speak, who sent you here?”

Hearing her question, the white-robed elder did not even look up at her. “I’m unacquainted with these people and I merely walked past when I saw you bullying the weak. I couldn’t put up with your actions and so, interfered.”

“What if I insist on killing them?” A dangerous glint surfaced in Yun Luofeng’s eyes as she revealed an angry smile.

“Then don’t blame me for being unreasonable!” The white-robed elder’s tone was still of indifference, yet he had already extended his hand as he launched an attack towards Yun Luofeng.

The two elders knew of Yun Luofeng’s strength from Consort Lin and naturally, wouldn’t underestimate the enemy. Therefore, after the white-robed elder attacked, the gray-robed elder matched his actions. Both of them were merciless and unleashed their full force.

“I’ll kill those who obstruct me from killing my enemies!” Yun Luofeng’s voice was extremely domineering, as it echoed throughout the skies.

Simultaneously, she summoned her dragon scale armor while holding on a longsword in her hands. In the blink of an eye, she dashed towards the two elders…

Flashes and shadows of swords could be seen and the entire skies vibrated due to their clash.

Qi Su stood in the forest with his eyes filled with worry while spectating Yun Luofeng fighting in the sky.

“That’s weird…” Qi Ling slightly frowned, “I’ve met the heavenly-god level cultivators within the Imperial Family, but I don’t recognize these two.”

Qi Su was distracted for a moment before turning towards Qi Ling. “Could it be that they weren’t sent by Consort Lin?”

“No, I believe it’s her. Only she could’ve done something like this,” said Qi Ling as he shook his head.

“Then what’s going on?” Qi Si questioned with a worried frown.

Hearing their conversation, Mo Qiancheng couldn’t help but interrupt. “Have you never heard of the art of disguise?”

They were capable of changing their aura and so it was natural they could alter their appearance. After all, since that so-called Consort could commit such acts, she would certainly be unwilling to leave any traces. Therefore, it was natural that she ordered them to disguise themselves.

Mo Qiancheng couldn’t help but glance at Yun Luofeng locked in a battle with the two elders, but it was unclear from his pitch-black eyes what were his internal thoughts.

In the sky, Yun Luofeng was incapable of dealing with her opponents with ease as before. Although she had once defeated a heavenly-god level cultivator, that was because there was only one opponent.

Right now, there were two of them standing before her! In addition, the dragon scale armor had a time limit and she had to settle them within the time frame. Otherwise, once she lost the dragon scale armor, it was even more impossible to deal with them.


The gray-robed elder suddenly appeared behind Yun Luofeng. As he released a punch to her back, she was sent crashing a few meters ahead. Lifting her head, her narrowed eyes contained a chilly glint.

“Miss Yun!” Qi Su’s heart skipped a beat as hated his weak self. If it weren’t for his weak strength, he could’ve been at least helpful in such a situation.

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