Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1934 - Complete Wipe-out? (1)

Chapter 1934: Complete Wipe-out? (1)

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Xiao Mo was taciturn without speaking. Since Yun Luofeng believed him to be Jue Qian, then there was a high possibility he was!

“Master, it’s already quite late,” Xiao Mo urged her. Without knowing why, he felt somewhat uneasy, as if something was about to happen…

Yun Luofeng also seemed to have sensed something as she rushed in the direction of the Tianqi Kingdom’s troops.

As these troops had previously experienced a battle, they were currently resting at their original position. She had taken advantage of the time to separate from the troops to harvest medicinal herbs. At this moment within the forest, the setting sun reddened the whole sky.

Qi Ling tightly gripped his longsword, while his face was dyed in blood and his gaze appeared malevolent.

Qi Su guarded Mo Qiancheng behind his back as he dealt with the atrocious group of bandits. His handsome face also appeared grave.

Over half of their troops were casualties and he was afraid the rest could no longer persevere for long…

“Second prince, these people don’t seem like bandits.” Qi Su blocked an attack with his sword and his voice was cold.

Looking at these bandits concealing their appearance and aura, Qi Ling revealed an angry smile. Wiping the blood on his face, the smile on his lips seemed somewhat eerie. “You’re sent by Consort Lin?”

Consort Lin was the third prince Qi Yu’s mother. Other than her, he couldn’t think of anyone else.

These bandits did not utter a single word as their attacks became increasingly fierce. Towards Qi Ling’s elites, they were completely ruthless. Qi Ling gradually became anxious, but more of it was anger.

These elites were trained by him for numerous years and right now they were about to be completely wiped out?

No! He would never allow such a situation to happen!

Qi Ling gnashed his teeth and said, “Young master Qi Su, bring along the rest and escape. I’ll ward off the attackers.”

He sensed that they didn’t have intentions to harm him as he was still the Tianqi Kingdom’s prince. If something really happened, no one could bear the responsibility. However, they were merciless against his own troops. From this, he could infer that Consort Lin intended to make him a general without an army. In that case, he would certainly suffer a defeat in this tournament!

Qi Ling sneered. How could he allow that woman’s evil schemes to prevail?

“I’m afraid it’s beyond my capability,” Qi Su retreated, “I wonder if you’ve sensed two auras that have yet to appear? Both of them are evidently heavenly-god realm cultivators! I’m incapable of leaving under their attacks and right now, we can only await Miss Yun’s return!”

Qi Ling’s eyes turned chilly. Within every Kingdom, there would be a group of elders and those capable of entering that group were all heavenly-god cultivators. For the princes, the elder group was extremely important. As such, no matter him or Consort Lin’s faction, they had all attempted to rope in those elders within the group!

Right now, these heavenly-god cultivators clearly come from Consort Lin’s factions. More importantly, those two heavenly-god cultivators he roped hadn’t sent any information about heavenly-god cultivators leaving the Tianqi Kingdom.

If it wasn’t with his imperial father’s permission, how could the matter of heavenly-god level cultivators leaving the Tianqi Kingdom be concealed?

Thinking of this, Qi Ling’s expression became increasingly grim as his heart turned cold.

His elites were nearly wiped-out, with only a few persistently persevering on, while those two heavenly-god level cultivators hidden in the dark had yet to reveal themselves.


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