Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1933 - Jue Qian?

Chapter 1933: Jue Qian?
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"Miss Yun, we'll be reaching Fengyun City very soon after passing this mountain." Qi Ling turned and said to the white-robed lady.

"En," Yun Luofeng nodded, "I'll leave for a short moment so wait for me here. I'll be back soon."

In regards to Yun Luofeng's action of disappearing for half a day upon arriving at every mountain, Qi Ling and company did not mind it. They did not say much about it and allowed her to do as she pleased. Of course, Yun Luofeng left because…

There were plenty of priceless treasures in the Fengyun Continent and even the medicinal herbs were of better quality compared to the Seven Province Continent. In particular, there were much more precious medicinal herbs surrounding the mountains.

As such, Yun Luofeng would gather all the precious medicinal herbs every time they arrived at a new mountain.

"It's more or less all of it," After Yun Luofeng kept the last stalk of medicinal herb, she glanced at the gradually dimming skies and muttered. "They should've rested enough and I should return." Thinking of this, she turned and intended to return.

Yet at that very instant, flute sounds from far away could be heard, causing her pupils to constrict and she looked far ahead. It was a white-robed young man with a headful of hair as black as ink spreading behind his back.

Countless birds revolved above his head as they danced about, seemingly coordinating with his tune.

A dull maple leaf fell, landing on the young man's shoulders. It seemed so picturesque, giving off a faintly discernable and unreal feeling.

However… this young man was not similar to Chen Yuqing. Although Chen Yuqing's appearance was similar to an immortal and he acted like one, he still gave off a realistic feeling.

Yet, the young man playing a tune seemed to have walked out from clouds and mists, and did not seem realistic.

Yun Luofeng's heart suddenly skipped a beat. Her hand covered her chest as if a sort of emotion was about to overflow. However, Yun Luofeng was clearly aware that these overflowing emotions did not belong to her.

"Jue Qian?" Jue Qian once told her, that upon encountering his reincarnation in the future, she would recognize him with a glance.

Right now, the instant she saw this young man, an unknown feeling emerged within her heart

He is Jue Qian! The Jue Qian I have been searching for!

All of a sudden, the young man took a step and departed as his snow-white long robes gradually disappeared from Yun Luofeng's sight.

"Jue Qian!" Yun Luofeng shouted.

However, the young man did not turn around and he disappeared within the forest in a flash. While those birds that originally encircled in the skies had also dispersed…

"Master." Xiao Mo's somewhat doubting voice sounded, "Is he really Jue Qian? I remember Jue Qian from the paintings wasn't someone like that."

Initially, when Yun Luofeng obtained Jue Qian's inheritance, she had also seen a painting.

The man in the painting was wearing red robes while seated on a black chair with dragon prints. His left hand propping his chin while his right hand pointing a middle-finger towards the skies. The meaning behind his actions was that even the heavens weren't deserving for him to take notice.
How could such a proud and arrogant, powerful and strong man be that white-robed young man? They… had two completely different styles.

"I have a premonition that he is Jue Qian!" Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes, "It's no wonder I couldn't find him even after searching throughout the entire Seven Province Continent. So it turns out, he's in the Fengyun Continent. Since it's so, things are much easier. As long as he exists, I can definitely locate him once again!"

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