Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1931 - Heading Towards Fengyun City (2)

Chapter 1931: Heading Towards Fengyun City (2)

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"Fengyun City's ritual grounds." Qi Ling paused for a moment and continued. "In reality, no one has entered this ritual ground. It's rumored that there is lightning surrounding the location and upon stepping in, one would be struck by lightning… Also, the bolts of lightning are even more terrifying than the heavenly tribulation lightning during a breakthrough.

Yun Luofeng's lips twitched. Even more terrifying than tribulation lightning? That's because they've never encountered true heavenly tribulation lightning!

If she hadn't had the dragon-scale armor as protection, along with her puppet that could absorb lightning, her soul would have been scattered under the heavenly tribulation. Therefore, Yun Luofeng believed that no matter how terrifying that lightning was, it couldn't be compared to that heavenly tribulation lightning …

"How are the preparations going for the troops?" Yun Luofeng suddenly questioned.

Qi Ling honestly answered, "I've selected the elites from my men and this time around, we will never lose during the Four-Kingdom Tournament!"

While speaking, his voice suddenly became extremely domineering, seemingly having the imposing manner of a kingdom's ruler. Compared to the third prince, the second prince Qi Ling clearly had the capability to lead the Tianqi Kingdom to its peak.

"Wait for me at the city gates three days from now. At that time, we'll set off together." After speaking, Yun Luofeng took a last glance at Qi Ling before turning to leave. With Qi Su following behind her, they quickly disappeared from the study room…

Three days later, the city gates were bustling with activity. Qi Ling was ready and waiting when he suddenly spotted the third prince Qi Yu leading a group of troops as they slowly walked over.

Sparks flew the instant their eyes locked. There were flames of fury and contempt in Qi Yu's eyes, as he looked down at Qi Ling standing before him.

"Oh, your hand has recovered?" Qi Ling sneered as he expressionlessly questioned.

Hearing his question, Qi Yu's face thoroughly changed. He tightly clenched his left hand, while his right hand was limply hanging at his side.

"Second brother, even if my hand is crippled, I'm still capable of obtaining victory in the Four-Kingdom Tournament. As for you.." Qi Yu smirked in contempt. "You were only sent by Imperial Father to increase our numbers."

Imperial Mother mentioned before that Qi Ling heading towards the Fengyun City was because Imperial Father had sent him to increase their numbers.

It is impossible for him to obtain victory!

The reason is… the state preceptor once said that I am bound to be the one who unifies the Four Kingdoms! Being compared with someone as outstanding as myself, Qi Ling is bound to seem more disappointing!

"Is that so?" Qi Ling quirked his lips in mocking and shifted his sight to Qi Yu's crippled arm. "One of your arms is crippled and what capability do you have to obtain victory?"

Qi Yu walked up and lifted his chin while speaking in an overbearing manner. "Although I was also worried at the start, what Imperial Mother said is reasonable. I'm sure you know, the prophecies of the state preceptor of our Tianqi Kingdom have always been very accurate! Since he's said that I'm the one who can unify the Four Kingdoms, then I will win no matter what condition I'm in!"

His had a confident expression, as though he was certain that he would obtain victory.

In actuality, Qi Ling was also aware of the state preceptor's abilities. In particular, the state preceptor had always maintained his young and youthful appearance. Solely relying on this point, one would know that he wasn't simple. However… his prophecy was from ten years ago, and ten years can completely change a person.

Even if Qi Yu had talent from the start, he had long become a dandy man after numerous years of pampering.

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