Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1930 - Heading Towards Fengyun City (1)

Chapter 1930: Heading Towards Fengyun City (1)

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Tianqi Kingdom, Second Prince's Estate.

Just as Qi Ling thought of leaving, he bumped head-on into a woman and was suddenly distracted. "Miss Yun, I was just about to look for you, and you came."

"I came to ask, when will we be leaving?" Yun Luofeng shot a glance at Qi Ling as she asked.

"As the Four-Kingdom Tournament is held at Fengyun City and it's extremely far from the Tianqi Kingdom, we should be leaving three days later."

Fengyun City? Yun Luofeng's eyes twinkled.

This continent was named the Fengyun Continent. Could it be… it's related to Fengyun City?

Qi Su following beside Yun Luofeng was suddenly distracted after hearing the location. "When my master came from another continent to the Fengyun Continent, she came via Fengyun City."

Hearing his recount, Yun Luofeng began pondering. Her fingers gently stroked her jaw. "Since that was so, explain to me the situation of Fengyun City."

"Alright, follow me and we'll discuss this slowly in the study room."

Qi Ling's study room was simple and unadorned. The bookshelves were filled with books as it faintly gave off a fragrant odor.

After walking in, he tasked two guards to deliver two stools, placing them near Yun Luofeng and Qi Su for them to take a seat.

"Miss Yun, young master Qi Su. I'm not too knowledgeable about the exact situation of Fengyun City and I presume only my imperial father is clear about the inside story." Qi Ling's expression radiated seriousness. "However, I know that this Fengyun City is our Fengyun Continent's sacred place. If Fengyun City exists, so would the continent. Vice versa, once Fengyun City is destroyed, the entire Fengyun Continent and even everyone in it would disappear!"

Yun Luofeng became silent.

Previously the woman from the Qin Family whom they captured on God Burial Mountain mentioned that the Spirit God Continent existed because someone established a matrix, separating both worlds. Furthermore, they had transferred all the spiritual energy in the continent into the Spirit God Continent.

According to this view, the Fengyun Continent and Spirit God Continent were similar but was achieved by different methods. Whereas Fengyun City was also the location of the heart of the matrix.

If the matrix core was damaged, the Fengyun Continent would naturally disappear. As for these people… it wasn't possible for them to be eliminated by the natural law. They would probably enter the Seven Province Continent.

There were too many experts on Fengyun Continent and if they were allowed to enter the Seven Province Continent, it would definitely cause a violent sensation! Furthermore, there are too many of her close ones within the Seven Province Continent. Therefore, she would never allow this to happen!

"Other than that?" Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes as a cold glint streaked across her eyes.

Qi Ling was silent for a moment. "Everyone on this continent is afraid of damaging Fengyun City. Thus, Fengyun City is only a dead city in everyone's eyes. Other than special occasions such as the Four-Kingdom Tournament, no one would be allowed to take a single step inside Fengyun City on normal days…"

Yun Luofeng thought for a second and continued asking, "You've never entered Fengyun City?"

"I've never entered Fengyun City to this day. Also, I don't know how it looks inside."

Hearing his words, Yun Luofeng did not continue questioning. Even if she did ask, she probably wouldn't be able to obtain any useful information from him.

"However…" Qi Ling paused for a moment before continuing, "after entering Fengyun City, there's a place where you cannot enter!"

"What place?" Yun Luofeng's eyes brightened up.

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