Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1929 - The Ghost Emperor is Ugly? (2)

Chapter 1929: The Ghost Emperor is Ugly? (2)

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Even if the Ghost Emperor was powerful, she would never fancy an ugly man!

Unfortunately… Qiao Yefeng was incapable of resisting, as the guards directly dragged her back to her room and locked her up.

She swept the teacups on the table in a rage as her chest undulated. "That Ghost Emperor is a b*stard! I wonder where he had the guts to peep on me! In any case, I'm the Ziyue Kingdom's number one beauty so how can an ugly man match me?

"Princess," A palace maid on one side prudently glanced at Qiao Yefeng, "After the Ghost Emperor arrived in the Ziyue Kingdom, he had tasked Your Majesty to search for a woman. Therefore, according to my opinion, that woman must be the Ghost Emperor's lover and perhaps it was Your Majesty's own initiative to have princess…"

Even though Qiao Yefeng was unruly and headstrong, she did not humiliate the servants. As such, this palace maid had the courage to say such words before Qiao Yefeng.

"Tsk," Qiao Yefeng released a sneer as her eyes were filled with disdain, "How beautiful do you think an ugly man's woman can be? Can she be compared to me? When the Ghost Emperor was battling with the two experts, I was also present. He must've taken a fancy on me back then!"

Qiao Yefeng gnashed her teeth in hatred. "If he has the capability, he should use normal methods to chase me. To actually force Imperial Father to coerce me? The more he acts like this, the more I am disgusted!"

The palace maid lowered her head and no longer spoke. She felt that a powerful man that could cause others to fear would not be as what the princess described, falling in love with the princess at first sight. Furthermore, that kind of man would definitely disdain to force a woman by using his power.

Qiao Yefeng took a deep breath. "Furthermore, the man that I would take a liking to must not only be strong, his appearance must also be matchless. The Ghost Emperor is undeserving of me!"

"However, Your Majesty he…" The palace maid carefully spoke but before she managed to finish, she had been interrupted by Qiao Yefeng's fierce voice.

"In his dreams, I will never yield!"

The palace maid once again lowered her head. She felt that the Emperor wouldn't easily give up…

Meanwhile, within the study room, the dragon-robed man held a book in his hands while a gorgeous woman in brocade clothing was currently pouring a cup of tea for him.

"My Empress," Qiao Yun sighed, "Go back and persuade Feng'er. If she could marry the Ghost Emperor as his concubine, then he would stay in our Ziyue Kingdom forever."

The Empress was stunned for a moment. "Feng'er has always been very prideful and it'll be hard for her to accept being someone's concubine. Furthermore… will the Ghost Emperor agree to this? I'm afraid that it'll infuriate that man by gifting him a concubine."

Qiao Yun chuckled. "Isn't it normal for a man to have wives and concubines? In particular, a powerful man like the Ghost Emperor cannot have just one woman! By giving him a concubine, he would only be thankful and how could he get angry? However, the top priority job now is to appease Feng'er, in case she offends the Ghost Emperor and the gains wouldn't make up for the losses."

"Yes, Your Majesty." The Empress lowered her head. Suddenly the man's expression surfaced in her mind. Unfeeling, chilly, seemingly a bottomless abyss, causing one to be filled with fear and struggle for help.

Would such a man honestly accept Feng'er as his concubine?

Frankly speaking, the Empress wasn't certain as she was even faintly worried. However, no one could change what the Emperor decided and she could only comply…

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