Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1928 - The Ghost Emperor is Ugly? (1)

Chapter 1928: The Ghost Emperor is Ugly? (1)

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Ziyue Kingdom.

Within the imperial palace, the dragon-robed man flung his long sleeves as he slowly walked into the woman’s chamber.

At this moment, sounds of amusement could be heard, causing his brows to be tightly furrowed. Seeing the dragon-robed man walking over, the palace maids turned pale with fright as they hastily knelt in a row and spoke together. “Your servant pays their respects to Your Majesty.”

Hearing the palace maids’ voices caused a certain young lady who was laughing to stop. Looking at the dragon-robed man walking over with haste, she wittily stuck out her tongue. “Imperial Father, why have you come?”

The young lady was very beautiful while her eyes revealed cleverness. Even so, it couldn’t conceal her inherent pride.

“Feng’er!” The dragon-robed man’s expression sank. After waving his hands for everyone present to retreat, he then spoke with a grave tone, “You’re here again to cause trouble together with those group of palace maids and eunuchs! If you have the mood to play, why don’t you go and learn about etiquette? That way I can gift you to the Ghost Emperor.”

“Imperial Father!” Qiao Yefeng’s expression completely changed. “Your daughter doesn’t want to marry the Ghost Emperor. He’s so ugly and he doesn’t deserve to marry me!”

The dragon-robed man suddenly turned chilly. “What nonsense are you saying? Where did you hear that the Ghost Emperor is ugly?”

Qiao Yefeng snorted, as her voice contained disdain. “If he weren’t ugly, why the need to wear a mask?”

“Even so, with the Ghost Emperor’s strength, it more than sufficient to match up to you.” The dragon-robed man swept a glance at Qiao Yefeng. “Frankly speaking, the Ghost Emperor tasked me to find a woman and she definitely doesn’t have a simple relationship with him. I hadn’t thought of letting you be his wife and from the start, I intended to gift you to him as a concubine.”

With a whoosh, Qiao Yefeng’s expression turned incomparably pale and she even somewhat staggered. Looking at her father who pampered her to the extreme in the past, her face revealed disbelief.


Why is father gifting me to become his concubine?

What right does a man who doesn’t even dare to show his face to others have, to take me as a concubine?

“Imperial Father, was it the Ghost Emperor who sent you here?” Qiao Yefeng recovered her emotions very soon and clenched her teeth. “Tell him, in his dreams! I will never marry an ugly man!”

Looking at Qiao Yefeng’s appearance of rather dying than submitting, the dragon-robed man’s expression turned chilly. “Let me tell you, this matter is beyond your opinion! Men, take the princess into custody and without my orders, she’s not allowed to take a step outside!”

Hearing his words, two imperial bodyguards went up, with intentions of dragging Qiao Yefeng away. Qiao Yefeng struggled with all her might as her face appeared to be flushed red.

“Imperial Father, not to mention being his concubine, I wouldn’t agree even if I could become his wife! Tell him to give up!”

Seemingly not hearing Qiao Yefeng’s words, the dragon-robed man coldly looked at the guards dragging her away.

From afar, Qiao Yefeng’s furious voice could be heard. “Ghost Emperor, you this b*stard who dares to peep on this princess, both of us cannot coexist together! With your ugly appearance, don’t even think of… umph!”

The dragon-robed man was evidently frightened by Qiao Yefeng’s words and before she spoke more unforgivable words, he directly tasked the guard to cover her mouth.

At this very moment, a layer of cold sweat emerged on his forehead…

Fortunately, the Ghost Emperor didn’t reside in the imperial palace. Otherwise, the entire Ziyue Kingdom would be consigned to eternal damnation if he heard her.

Whereas for Qiao Yefeng, she firmly believed that the Ghost Emperor had looked upon her beautiful appearance and ordered her imperial father to force her. Otherwise, why would her imperial father raise the issue of making her become his concubine for no reason?

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