Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1927 - An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (6)

Chapter 1927: An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (6)

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Looking at the various officials all in consensus, it wasn’t appropriate for Qi Bahe to be unyielding. He could only stiffen his face as he spoke. “Since it’s so, Lao’er, I shall allow you to bring troops to participate! I hope you won’t disappoint me or be a drag on your little brother’s feet 1 !”

Drag on his feet?

Qi Ling chuckled in contempt. With that trash having had his body emptied by wine and women, he’ll probably be made into mincemeat the instant he takes the stage. He truly couldn’t understand where his imperial father’s had the confidence to believe that the trash would obtain victory.

Just relying on those ‘wise words’ from the state preceptor?

Even if Lao-san truly had the potential, he has thoroughly become a piece of mud after numerous years of indulgence and pampering by Imperial Father…

“If there’s nothing else, the assembly shall be dismissed.” Qi Bahe’s voice was as cold and solemn as e spoke expressionlessly.

“Long live Your Majesty.” All the officials knelt down and respectfully sent Qi Bahe away. They only stood up and walked out the Golden Imperial Palace Hall after Qi Bahe left.

Somewhere in a courtyard as beautiful as a mural, a man stood erect under the wind on an artificial stone hill. His long black robes radiated a grim aura while a trace of emotion gradually surfaced on his expressionless face, seemingly recalling something.

This emotion was fleeting and he recovered his ice-cold expression soon after. Suddenly, upon hearing footsteps behind him, he swiftly took out a mask and covered his heaven-shocking appearance.

“My lord.” A man dressed in robes with dragon prints appeared and his face revealed respect as he spoke in an extremely deferential manner.

“En,” The man answered with his muffled voice, “The person I tasked you to find, how is it going?”

“My lord, I’ve already dispatched the Imperial Family’s experts to search for her. I estimate we’ll have news very soon.”

Looking at the man standing before him, the yellow-robed man vaguely recalled the scene of this man’s first appearance.

He was similar to a god that descended from the skies, unfeeling and noble, and extremely powerful! In particular, this man’s tone was extremely overbearing as he claimed to subdue his entire kingdom the moment he spoke.

His overbearing tone angered two experts of the Imperial Family and resulted in a battle. However, that battle did not continue for long. The Imperial Family’s experts had been defeated under everyone’s watchful gaze, while this man still looked unfeeling and noble, similar to how he first appeared. His hair wasn’t messed up in the slightest, as if the fight from before was as simple as waving his hands.

It was also from that day that I, as the Emperor seated up high above, had fallen to become his servant.

Thinking of this, the yellow-robed man had an urge to cry. However, he didn’t dare to reveal his discontent before this man.

“I’ll give you three days! Find her within three days. Otherwise… there’s no need for your Ziyue Kingdom to continue existing!”

The man’s voice was unfeeling and ruthless, similar to a heavy hammer that fiercely rammed against the Emperor’s heart, causing him to faintly shudder.

“Yes, my lord. I’ll dispatch more men to search for her!” The Ziyue Kingdom’s Emperor suppressed his urge to cry and cupped his fists respectfully. After that, he staggered as he turned, while hastily leaving the courtyard.

After his departure, the man took off his mask and revealed his handsome appearance.

“Feng’er, wait for me… I will head to your side in a short while.” Under the azure skies, the woman’s peerless figure seemed to have appeared, causing his callous eyes to gradually soften.

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