Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1926 - An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (5)

Chapter 1926: An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (5)

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As he saw that Qi Ling was silent, Qi Bahe’s tone softened.

“Lao’er, there are many women in this world and since your little brother fancies her, so what if you give her to him? She ought to head over to Lao-san’s place and receive punishment!”

It was only a woman, and they could have as many as they want. Why was there a need for Lao’er to bully his biological brother for a woman?

Qi Ling sneered, “Woman? Then did you know the woman you’re speaking of was uninjured even after killing a heavenly-god level cultivator from the Liufeng Kingdom?”

Throughout the entire hall, everyone sucked in cold air after hearing Qi Ling’s words. Based on their knowledge, it was a young woman around twenty years old that injured the third prince. To possess the strength to defeat a heavenly-god cultivator at such an age, exactly how terrifying was she?

“The woman you speak of is capable of making Qi Su obey her and is also the owner of the spirit-gathering medicine hall! The Qi Family’s Qi Ling couldn’t cultivate from when she was young and it was also this woman who you disdained that used her superb medical skills to cure her!”

“Perhaps you don’t know who is Qi Ling. However, the Emperor of the Liufeng Kingdom was seriously ill a while back and everyone was helpless to cure his illness. I’m sure you know of this? Coincidentally, she was also the one who cured Mu Zhentian!”

Qi Ling couldn’t understand the reasons why his imperial father looked down on women. Doesn’t he know that the woman he holds in contempt has terrifying power?

“You want to deal with her? Fine. The Liufeng Kingdom’s Emperor regards her as his benefactor and if you harmed her in the slightest, I presume that it would incur a war between two Kingdoms if this were to be found out by them!”

Frankly speaking, Qi Ling also wanted to say something like this: Please take a look at the Liufeng Kingdom’s Emperor and then reflect on yourself. Are you even a tenth of the Liufeng Kingdom’s wise Emperor?

Qi Bahe’s expression turned extremely unsightly. He never expected Yun Luofeng to have such a powerful background! Just the thought of a war between the two kingdoms caused him to turn timid.

“Your Majesty…” The beautiful lady in brocade clothing pouted as pea-sized tears flowed down, arousing pity from a man.

“My beloved consort, be at ease. I will compensate Lao-san well.” This time, Qi Bahe no longer mentioned punishing Yun Luofeng.

“Imperial Father, I have something else to discuss with you.” Qi Ling slightly looked up and said, “It’s regarding the Four-Kingdom Tournament in a few months. Your son wishes to bring forth men to participate.”

Qi Bahe’s face faintly changed. In truth, he only wanted to have the third prince head to the tournament. Furthermore… due to the state preceptor’s previous words, he was confident of the third prince victory. Therefore, hearing Qi Ling’s request right now, he merely brushed him off casually. “It’s sufficient to have your third brother head there. You don’t have to waste your time.” In any case, you wouldn’t be able to obtain victory…

“Imperial Father, there are no rules on the participating numbers nor rules that a kingdom can only dispatch a single team. At that time, I’ll sign up separately from third brother and it won’t cause any losses.”

In normal situations, a kingdom would dispatch several teams to vie for victory. If they were unlucky, perhaps their kingdom’s teams would encounter each other during the match and had to choose one or the other. Vice versa, if they were lucky, at least one team would win among so many teams, wasn’t it so?

“Your Majesty, your humble servant finds the second prince’s words to be reasonable.” Various officials successively stood up in agreement. “In any case, our Tianqi Kingdom wouldn’t make a loss regardless of how many teams we send out. Isn’t that right?”

“That’s right, Your Majesty. Let’s have the second prince head over and no matter which prince obtains victory, it’tt be our Tianqi Kingdom’s good fortune.”

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