Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1925 - An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (4)

Chapter 1925: An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (4)

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Jian Yi inferred another meaning from Yun Luofeng’s words. This woman had never once regarded the Jian Family of any threat all along! Not exterminating their Jian Family that night wasn’t because she feared the Imperial Family. Instead… she did not believe that the Jian Family could cause trouble for her.

Jian Yi started panicking. She clearly knew of her father’s hatred for Yun Luofeng, but she had a feeling that the Jian Family was incapable of winning against her.

No!  Not only the Jian Family. Perhaps even the Imperial Family wasn’t her opponent!

In her whole life, Jian Yi had only been clever this single moment. Even so, it was too late…

“Qi Su, head over and inform the Jian Family. In exchange for Jian Yi’s life, have them hand over two spirit herb mountains!”

Didn’t the Jian Family covet the Qi Family’s spirit herb mountains? Then right now, she would have Jian Bowen give up two mountains and personally deliver them to her hands.

Qi Su hesitated and he questioned, “Would someone as greedy as Jian Bowen agree to these conditions?”

Yun Luofeng smiled and said, “He will agree to it. The reason is that he only has Jian Yi left, who is somewhat valuable.”

Although Jian Yi was brainless, she had above average looks. Among the Jian Family’s three daughters, one was dead and the other crippled. Only Jian Yi was left intact and alive. If Jian Bowen wanted to use his daughter to exchange for a greater profit, he would certainly be willing to part with two spirit herb mountains!

“Huohuo, watch over Jian Yi with the hamster tribe. Don’t let her escape.” After passing down her orders, Yun Luofeng sent Chacha back to the God Code World while she returned to her room.

At this very moment, she wasn’t aware that a violent storm had arisen within the Tianqi Kingdom’s assembly.

Golden Imperial Palace Hall.

Qi Bahe sat upright on the dragon seat with a solemn expression and his eyes were stern and sharp. “Lao’er, where is that woman who injured Lao-san 1 ? Immediately hand her over!”

Qi Ling kept a straight face and said, “Imperial Father, this matter is Lao-san’s fault. If he hadn’t insisted on molesting Miss Yun, she wouldn’t have retaliated.”

“Insolent!” Qi Bahe sternly rebuked. “As the prince, what fault does Lao-san have? In my opinion, that woman must’ve been wanton. A fly doesn’t bite uncracked eggs and if it weren’t for her loose behavior, why would Lao-san even look at her?”

In Qi Bahe’s eyes, when a man took fancy to a woman, it was all because of the woman’s wanton ways. Otherwise, why didn’t the third prince molest others but only insisted on taking advantage of her?

Wasn’t it all because she had seduced the third prince?

The civil and military officers sighed and shook their heads with disappointment showing on their faces. Even though the Emperor wasn’t considered wise in the past, he hadn’t been so muddleheaded and tyrannical. Right now, his actions had thoroughly broken everyone’s heart.

Qi Ling clenched his fists. He knew that his Imperial Father was biased, but never expected it was to this extent of not differentiating between right and wrong.

“Imperial Father. Don’t tell me, you think that it’s a woman’s mistake for looking beautiful? It’s their looks that caused a man’s licentious behavior? However, the man is innocent in this situation and it’s the woman’s fault?” Qi Ling coldly chuckled. “Then how could any woman in the world be innocent? Can you tell me why they have to bear this unreasonable criminal charge?”

“Your Majesty…” Just as Qi Bahe wanted to speak, a beautiful woman sobbed spasmodically as she spoke. “You have to get justice for my son! I understand my imperial son’s personality the most. He’s obedient and well-behaved and he would never commit such indecent acts. Someone must’ve framed him!”

Looking at his beloved concubine sobbing, Qi Bahe’s heart softened. His sharp gaze shot towards Qi Ling. “Lao’er, I know you’ve always refused to acknowledge your little brother. However, the state preceptor has mentioned before that Lao-san’s future is limitless and he will certainly attain the throne in the future. He will also lead our Tianqi Kingdom to unify the four kingdoms! Therefore, as his elder brother, not only are you unhelpful, you’re even colluding with outsiders to plot against his life. Exactly what evil intentions are you harboring?”

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