Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1924 - An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (3)

Chapter 1924: An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (3)

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“Thinking of leaving?” Seeing that the leader was about to leave, Yun Luofeng’s lips faintly curved. “Is my place somewhere you can come and go as you wish?”


A powerful pressurizing aura pressed over, causing the leader to tremble and immediately fall to the ground. Sweat covered all over his body and his complexion was deathly white. “What do you want?”

“Kowtow and admit your mistakes!”

“A soldier can be killed but not humiliated!” The leader was unyielding as his face turned red with anger.

“Is that so? I’ll end your life then.” Yun Luofeng swiftly unsheathed her long sword. With a smooth motion it struck toward the leader’s head.

The leader wet his pants in terror and hastily kowtowed. “Hero, I know my mistakes. Please let me off.”

How can dignity be compared to life? There was nothing more important than keeping one’s life.

The longsword suddenly stopped and the sharp edge was only a millimeter away from his neck. If he was a second later in admitting his mistakes, it probably would’ve been a bloody scene. Even so, the leader was still pale from fright. He felt so close to the death god, to the extent breathing became difficult.

“Speak, who sent you here?” Yun Luofeng slightly looked up. “The third prince’s subordinates shouldn’t be at this standard.”

Although the third prince was useless, the Emperor indulged him. So, he would have dispatched elites to protect the third prince. These soldiers were only ordinary and they were extremely weak!

“It’s… it’s the Jian Family’s second miss. She came to complain, claiming that you injured the third prince. To curry favor with the third prince, I acted on my own initiative.”

Jian Family’s second young miss?

Jian Yi?

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes. From how things looked, the Jian Family was also at the Tianqi restaurant that day.

At that time, she only noticed Mo Qiancheng and did not notice anyone else’s existence. Thinking of this, Yun Luofeng surveyed her surrounding and spotted Jian Yi from the crowd.

Jian Yi’s expression turned pale from fright as her whole body slightly shivered.

Even though these soldiers were weak, Jian Yi never expected that Yun Luofeng would have the courage to threaten them and force them to reveal her identity. The funny thing was, Jian Yi forgot that since Yun Luofeng dared to hit the third price, what else wouldn’t she dare to do?

Having a good brain was indeed a good thing but unfortunately, not everyone possessed one.

After noticing Yun Luofeng looking at her, Jian Yi was frightened and wanted to escape. However, the instant she turned, a flame-like figure blocked her pathway.

A little loli in red looked at her while giggling. “My Master didn’t ask you to leave so who allowed you to go?”

“Get lost!” Jian Yi furiously shouted, wanting to hit the little loli as she raised her hand.

Hearing her words, the little loli’s expression sank. Her fists struck Jian Yi with a bang and caused her to crash into the inn where she coincidentally landed beside Yun Luofeng.

From the start, Huohuo had appeared as an eight-tailed fox. As a result, Jian Yi didn’t expect in the slightest that this loli before her was that fierce flame fox from the past.

Jian Yi rubbed her aching arm and wanted to get up. However, the moment she looked up, she received a bone-chilling gaze. In that instant, her mind exploded.

Yun Luofeng crossed her hand and gazed at Jian Yi with a devious smile. “I knew that the Jian Family wouldn’t leave this matter alone. I never expected that they would use such a foolish method. Could it be that you thought these soldiers could subdue me?”

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