Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1923 - An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (2)

Chapter 1923: An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (2)

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Of course, it wasn’t because of fear. Instead… Yun Luofeng’s words had hurt him.

Jue Qian was someone he didn’t wish to hurt the most. Therefore, at the last moment, he had backed out. Yet, he had been locked up in the illusionary realm by Jue Qian.

Even when he attacked Yun Luofeng and Ji Jiutian in the past, it wasn’t because of hatred but instead, blame! He blamed Jue Qian for locking him up for so long, and… not even visiting him for so many years.

However, Mo Qiancheng understood. If it weren’t for the mistakes he committed, Jue Qian would not have been so cruel to him. As such, he was willing to use his entire life to compensate him!

It was just that… thinking of Yun Luofeng’s words, Mo Qiancheng was filled with jealousy. He was jealous of Yun Xiao, as he was capable of making her give her heart to him and treat him so well.

Just then, loud sounds could be heard from outside. Yun Luofeng frowned and glanced at Mo Qiancheng. “Wait here. Qi Su, head out with me to take a look.”

Qi Su nodded and walked out together with Yun Luofeng.

Within the inn, a group of soldiers rushed in and encircled the entire establishment.

The lead solider was donned in armor as he looked awe-inspiring. “We’re here to arrest the criminal who injured the third prince. Bystanders are to leave immediately!”

After he spoke, those standing near the inn had escaped in succession. At the same time, on the porch of the second floor, a white-robed lady was reflected in his eyes.

The shopkeeper of Tianqi restaurant walked out from the soldiers and spotted Yun Luofeng at a glance. He immediately pointed to her and shouted out loud, “It’s this woman. She was the one who injured the third prince.”

“Men, arrest this woman!” the leader waved his hands and loudly commanded.

In an instant, the soldiers uniformly unsheathed their weapons and attacked Yun Luofeng and Qi Su who stood on the second-floor corridor.

Casting a glance at those rapidly approaching soldiers, her sinister voice soon entered everyone’s ears.

“That’s right, I crippled the third prince. Because… he deserved it!”

The leader nearly exploded from anger. He sneered and looked at the white-robed lady in mocking, as his eyes were filled with cynicism.

This woman dares to be so arrogant in our Tianqi Kingdom? Is she truly unaware of the saying, inviting death by your own recklessness?

Seeing the soldiers rushing to the second level, those customers hiding in their rooms opened a small crack to view the outside situation.

In an instant, a fiery-red flame ignited from Yun Luofeng’s body. Soon, those flames had transformed into an eight-tailed flame fox. The flame fox spurted a fireball and the soldier rushing in the front had instantly disappeared within the flames.

At the same time… countless gold-seeking hamsters surfaced and squeaked. They bit whoever they encountered and their sharp teeth ruthlessly pierced into their skin. Cha Cha also appeared simultaneously and his huge body had pushed down the group of soldiers. With a furious shout, flames similar to a fireball spurted out and struck on their chests. Little Tree and Little Bug did not reveal themselves. To them, this level of a fight wasn’t worthy of their assistance.

Xiao Mo was a lazy person and from the day he followed alongside of Yun Luofeng, he had rarely participated in a fight in person. However, he had still appeared and sat on the staircase’s railing while watching the show.

Not to mention others, even Qi Su was stunned. He had followed Yun Luofeng for a few months but it was his first time meeting these spirit beasts. Furthermore, every one of them was very powerful!

Astonishment could be seen on the leader’s face as cold sweat trickled from his forehead. He clenched his teeth and said, “Rotten girl, this is the Tianqi Kingdom and you’ve injured the third prince within our territory. The Emperor will never let you off! Everyone, withdraw!”

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