Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1922 - An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (1)

Chapter 1922: An Emperor Shielding Shortcomings (1)

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Just as Yun Luofeng entered Qi Su’s room, she saw a subordinate of Qi Family walking out. After turning back to look at that man, she shifted her gaze to Qi Su. “Qi Su, how much spirit medicine does the medicine hall have?”

Qi Su stared blankly and replied, “Probably over a thousand bottles.”

“Alright, for the time being, the spirit-gathering medicine hall will stop selling spirit medicine to the public. I want you to wholeheartedly provide medicinal liquid to the second prince’s troops!”

Yun Luofeng’s voice was very solemn, causing Qi Su to tense up. “What happened?”

Yun Luofeng stroked her nose and answered indifferently, “Actually, it’s not a huge problem. I just crippled the third prince.”

Qi Su’s lips twitched and he was stunned.

She crippled the third prince? Yet she actually said it wasn’t a huge problem? The personality of my lord is sure similar to my master…

In the past, his master would be calm and collected no matter how powerful their opponent was. It was as if she could use her hand to hold the sky even it collapsed.

“Alright, I’ll allocate some spirit medicine to the second prince right now.” Qi Su took a deep breath as his expression was rather helpless.

“Besides that,” Yun Luofeng pointed to the young man behind her, “this guy will be following you. It’s fine to let him sleep on the floor.” At this moment, Qi Su finally saw the silver-haired young man following behind Yun Luofeng.

His looks were very handsome and even his ragged clothing couldn’t conceal his mannerisms.

“He is…?” Qi Su shifted his curious gaze to Yun Luofeng, seemingly wanting to ask about his origins. However, he was interrupted by the young man’s grieving voice before he finished speaking.

“I don’t want to sleep in a room with a man! Yun Luofeng, I want to sleep with you!” It was fine even if it was sleeping outside her room. As long as he could be near her, it was sufficient.

Yun Luofeng dangerously narrowed her eyes as she evilly chuckled, “Do you think you have a choice?”

The young man was instantly silenced. His face was filled with grief as he stared at Yun Luofeng, similar to a sorrowful wife.

Qi Su noticed something fishy between them. In particular, the young man’s expression was just like a sorrowful wife that had been abandoned by her heartless husband. Not to mention how pitiful he looked.

“Then… you won’t secretly leave me behind, will you?” the young man weakly asked.

If it was in the past, he wouldn’t be afraid of being abandoned. At the very most, he would chase her wherever she went.

“Leave you behind and let you be bullied by the Fengyun Continent’s experts, and then allow you to break your seal? I’m not that stupid!” Yun Luofeng coldly smiled. “Qi Su, the task of watching him will be on you. If he dares to do anything weird, inform me at once!”

Yun Luofeng slowly walked towards Mo Qiancheng. Lowering her eyes, killing intent gradually surged forth.

“Mo Qiancheng, I know I’m unable to kill you at this point! However, if you dare to touch Yun Xiao, I will fight it out with you even if I have to sacrifice my life and everything!”

She had never trusted Mo Qiancheng! The moment this young man appeared, he had wanted to kill her and Ji Jiutian. If she hadn’t impersonated Jue Qian, she would’ve perished in his hands.

It was precisely because she had impersonated Jue Qian, which caused him to be hostile towards Yun Xiao and even wanted his life! Therefore, Yun Luofeng had ordered Qi Su to guard him closely!

Mo Qiancheng trembled from her words.


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