Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1920 - I Want To Stay (2)

Chapter 1920: I Want To Stay (2)

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If he could take advantage of that and seize the Liufeng Kingdom, the civil and military officers would then be silenced. As such, he would automatically become the crown prince. However, Consort Qin was unable to achieve anything but good at spoiling things. Moreover, he had neglected the love Mu Zhentian had for Mu Xuexin.

As a result, he had lost terribly!

Of course, how could a dog like the third prince who indulged in lust and pleasures think of a legitimate idea? The only thing he could take advantage of, was the thing between his legs that every man possessed!

Just as Yun Luofeng was thinking over Qi Su’s words, the third prince’s eyes landed on her. In that instant, his breath was taken away and even his heart seemed to have jolted. The woman before him was purer than snow, with an extremely gorgeous appearance, capable of overturning states. Even the third prince who had seen countless women had never encountered such a beauty. If he could have her, he would be happy even if it was just one night.

The third prince lifted his chin as he said in an overbearing tone, “Yu Xianxian, it’s possible if you don’t wish to become my concubine. Just give this friend of yours to me. How about it?”

Yu Xianxian turned red from anger. “In your dreams! Sister Yun is my benefactor and don’t you even think of touching her!”

“Yu Xianxian, I’m giving you face by asking you. Otherwise, do you think you can stop me?” The third prince laughed in disdain. He longer looked at Yu Xianxian and lifting his hand, he was about to caress Yun Luofeng’s face. “Beauty, on the account that you’re so beautiful, I won’t bother about your mistakes. As long as you’re willing to serve me.”

Mo Qiancheng was standing beside Yun Luofeng all along and seeing the third prince’s outstretched hand, flames of fury ignited in his black eyes. He suddenly sneered as mocking flooded his eyes.

This b*stard dares to touch her? Does he honestly not know how the word ‘death’ is written?

The third prince did not think his actions were wrong. He could have as many women as he wanted in the Tianqi Kingdom, and how many of them could resist his authority? However… just as his fingers were about to touch Yun Luofeng, a wicked and sinister voice that appeared to have risen from hell sounded and heavily rammed against his heart.

“Were you talking about me?” Her voice was very cold. However, it wasn’t the chilly type, but a type that contained wickedness. As long as one heard her voice, they would have a fearful and terrified feeling. Even the hand that he wanted to caress Yun Luofeng’s face had stopped in mid-air due to her voice.

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and looking at his outstretched hand, a chilly glint streaked across her eyes. Soon after that, she grabbed his wrists and suddenly exerted force.

“Ahhhh!” A blood-curdling scream echoed throughout the streets.

Silence… On the street outside the Tianqi restaurant, it was totally silent, such that even the sound of a pin drop could be heard.

Everyone widened their eyes. There was shock, astonishment, and disbelief. Even Yu Xianxian covered her mouth while she started trembling. Of course, she was shaking from excitement!

No one had ever dared to touch the third prince in the Tianqi Kingdom!

After her excitement subsided, she was filled with worry. Yun Luofeng had injured the third prince and the Emperor indulged him very much. Thus, he would definitely cause trouble for her!

This won’t do! She had to return at once to discuss this with her brother-in-law, on remedy methods.

Mo Qiancheng was tranquil as a sneer surfaced on his face. For daring to touch this woman, this third prince of Tianqi Kingdom must’ve been sick of living!

“Sister…” Yu Xianxian tilted her head and pulled on Yun Luofeng’s sleeve in worry. “Return with me to the second prince’s estate. The third prince will definitely seek revenge.”

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