Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1918 - Why Is He Here? (3)

Chapter 1918: Why Is He Here? (3)

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Even though the young man was in ragged clothing, his appearance was clean and neat. His tightly clenched fists faintly trembled as if he was doing his utmost to show restraint. Perhaps noticing the astonished look from one side, the young man cast a sideways glance…

The moment he saw the white-robed young lady, the young man's eyes revealed countless different emotions. Grievance and indignation… and a very heavy resentment.

Yun Luofeng never expected she would encounter Mo Qiancheng at this very moment. What was more unexpected was that the young man who was once unexcelled in the world had been reduced to his current circumstances. However, Yun Luofeng suddenly recalled Yun Xiao's previous words.

If Mo Qiancheng encountered a life-threatening situation, his self-inflicted seal would break. At that time, this guy would certainly cause trouble for them! Therefore, Yun Luofeng quickly made a decision.

"Sister?" The instance Yu Xianxian turned back, she discovered that Yun Luofeng had stopped in her tracks. Before she could further question her, she saw Yun Luofeng slowly walking to the beggar.

"What did he steal?" Just as the crowd had encircled the beggar, a wicked and chilly voice suddenly sounded, causing everyone to turn their heads.

To Mo Qiancheng, this voice was similar to music and his eyes turned moist. "Jue Qian, I knew you wouldn't abandon me."

"I'll say it one last time. I'm not Jue Qian!" Yun Luofeng evilly threatened. "If you call me the wrong name again, I'll leave without a second thought!" Mo Qiancheng was immediately silenced. He no longer wished to endure such days without having any strength and get humiliated by others…

Right now, following by Yun Luofeng's side was undoubtedly his best choice! Yun Luofeng turned towards the crowd as she repeated her question, "What did he steal from you?"

Within the crowd, the leader was a shopkeeper. He coldly smiled. "Not only did he freeload in our Tianqi restaurant, but he also stole our spirit herb!"

"You're speaking nonsense!" Mo Qiancheng became furious. "I didn't freeload and I paid. That stalk of spirit herb was the payment for food, yet you claimed that I stole it."

"Tsk, how could a beggar like you have spirit herbs? That's a huge joke and let me tell you, these spirit herbs were stolen! Hurry and take out all the other spirit herbs or else don't blame me for being impolite!"

Mo Qiancheng tightly clenched his fist as his face reddened.

If it was in the past, how could I be bullied by these people? It's all Yun Xiao's fault! If he hadn't deceived me, I wouldn't have sealed my strength. Nor would I land in such a situation.

Recalling the previous events, Mo Qiancheng gnashed his teeth in hatred as his resentment exploded forth.

Hearing the shopkeeper claims, Yun Luofeng finally understood the situation.As it turns out, this Tianqi restaurant was stealing so brazenly?

She narrowed her eyes and swept across the crowd with a fake smile. "Since you said that he stole these spirit herbs, do you have any evidence?"

"This…" The restaurant shopkeeper was startled and he continued to speak in an overbearing fashion. "As a beggar, if he didn't steal these, then where did he obtain the spirit herbs?"

"Naturally I gave those spirit herbs to him," Yun Luofeng smirked. "Mo Qiancheng, it seems like it isn't safe to keep those spirit herbs with you. It's better that you return them to me."

Mo Qiancheng was bewildered. When did my spirit herbs become hers?

However, Mo Qiancheng obediently took out all his spirit herbs and passed them to Yun Luofeng.

"Here you go, your spirit herbs are all here."

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