Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1915 - Four-Kingdom Tournament (6)

Chapter 1915: Four-Kingdom Tournament (6)

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The person she took in could never be a heartless man!

Qi Lao'er was faithful to his wife, and had always been following his wife's last wishes to care for her sister even after she passed away. This was precisely the type of man she wanted to rope in!

"Miss Yun, if you wish to conquer the Fengyun Continent, there's an opportunity!"

Opportunity? Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes. "What opportunity?"

"It would be the Four-Kingdom Tournament three months from now. The winner will be selected to become the ruler of the four kingdoms!"

Having heard what he said, Yun Luofeng's heart suddenly skipped a beat. Yun Xiao would definitely participate in this Four-Kingdom Tournament, and perhaps she might encounter Yun Xiao if she were to tag along with the Tianqi Kingdom's troops…

Thinking of this, she quirked her lips. "What are the qualifications to participate in this Four-Kingdom Tournament?"

"Princes of the four kingdoms have the opportunity to participate. At that time, you can tag along with me."

Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin. "Alright. When the time comes, inform me and I'll immediately head over." She had a premonition that she would encounter Yun Xiao in this Four-Kingdom Tournament…

"Miss Yun, I wish to follow you." Qi Su became excited and said, "Master would certainly be interested in this competition. If she's still alive, she'll certainly head for the Four-Kingdom Tournament."

Upon thinking that he could meet his master, he became excited.

Qi Lao'er smiled. "Miss Yun, when are you able to treat Xianxian?"

Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment. "Tomorrow. I need to make some preparations before beginning her treatment."

"Sure, please speak up if you require any spirit herbs and I will bring them." As long as Yu Xianxian could be cured, he was willing even if he lost his family fortune.

Yun Luofeng wasn't polite with him. She would never use her own spirit herbs to treat others and so she wrote a huge amount of herbs on a piece of paper and passed it to Qi Lao'er.

Qi Lao'er retreated and Yun Luofeng left together with Qi Su, leaving Yu Xianxian in the room…

Yu Xianxian knew from the start that the reason the second prince had done so much for her was all for her sister. However… she did not feel sadness but instead felt joy. If her brother-in-law wasn't a loyal person, how could she be attracted to him? Furthermore, she did not wish for her brother-in-law to forget about her sister…

"Sister, if I'm able to keep my life, I will take care of Qi Yue and accompany her my whole life! Then, I'll send her off to get married. I will safeguard the second prince's estate for you and no one will have the opportunity to bully Yue'er!" She would do this even if it delayed her own marriage!

Yu Xianxian's illness was due to a type of slow-acting poison. This type of poison was more complex and normal physicians wouldn't be able to detect it. This was also the reason why no one could treat Yu Xianxian even though she was seriously ill.

It required a few days to detoxify the poison. When the second prince heard that Yu Xianxian was poisoned, he immediately flew into a rage and ordered his subordinates to thoroughly investigate. However, he did not inform Yu Xianxian of this and did it behind her back.

Fortunately, with Yun Luofeng's treatment, the poison had been controlled and Yu Xianxian was no longer as weak as before.

During this time, the Jian Family did not look to cause trouble for Yun Luofeng. As for Jian An… no matter how she resisted, her strength was crippled and she was taken back to the Qi Family.

Jian Bowen was frightened by Yun Luofeng's strength and didn't even dare to utter a single word. He only hoped that this incident wouldn't implicate himself…

After all, he was only a god-level cultivator and Yun Luofeng had even defeated a heavenly-god cultivator. Wasn't killing him be as simple as a matter of her raising her hands?


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