Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1912 - Four-Kingdom Tournament (3)

Chapter 1912: Four-Kingdom Tournament (3)

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Qi Lao'er sat by her side while his eyes were filled with guilt. "Ruo'er, I didn't take good care of you and if your sister in heaven were to know, she would definitely blame me."

Hearing his words, Yu Xianxian slowly opened her tired eyes. A feeble smile surfaced on her pale face.

"Brother-in-law, this isn't your fault. If you hadn't brought me out of the estate in accordance to sister's last words, I would've already… been sent to the third prince as a concubine."

"But, your illness…"

"Compared to getting sick, I'm even more afraid to become the third prince's concubine. Brother-in-law, did you know? The third prince is very cruel and I heard that he tortured his previous concubine to death," While speaking, the young lady started crying. "How could they be so heartless? To actually think of gifting me to the third prince."

Her sister, the second prince's previous wife, had been sent to the second prince by those so-called relatives of theirs. Luckily the second prince fell in love with her sister at first sight. He stood his ground against the masses and married her as his wife. After that, he had treated her as if she was a treasure.

When her sister was still alive, those people from Lin Family had treated her extremely well. Unfortunately, the moment her sister passed away, they had intentions to send her away. The reason her sister left such a dying wish was that she was worried about her young daughter. Second, she wanted to find an excuse to bring her sister out of the family.

Her sister believed that the second prince would protect her sister on her account.

"Ruo'er, rest assured and recuperate. I won't let anything happen to you and you can stay in my estate with ease during these few days."

Yu Xianxian wanted to say something but saw the man seated on her bed standing up. His originally weary face was filled with determination. Looking at the second prince, she felt touched. At the same time, she understood that the second prince treated her this way because of her sister's last words… Yet, he did not know that she had also fallen for him…

Although the second prince only had her sister in his heart, she wasn't willing to marry someone who she didn't love. Therefore, she had agreed to become princess Qi Yue's nominal mother.

Once she found a man she loved, the second prince would let her go.

"Your Highness." At this moment, a bodyguard walked in and spoke deferentially, "Someone who calls himself Qi Su requests to meet you."

Qi Su? Qi Lao'er was startled and passed down an order, "Let him enter."

"Yes, Your Highness." The bodyguard retreated.

"Cough cough." Yu Xianxian coughed and sat up on the bed with great difficulty. She weakly smiled and said, "Brother-in-law, who is this man named Qi Su?"

"Qi Su is someone I encountered in the Liufeng Kingdom. The spirit-gathering medicinal liquid I have and the puppets were all obtained from him."

"Is that so? If that's the case, then Qi Su is very impressive."

"That's only natural," Qi Lao'er laughed out loud. "If not for Qi Su having a fiance, I would've wanted to be a matchmaker between you two. It's unfortunate…"

Yu Xianxian smiled and did not speak. In her life, after meeting a man like her brother-in-law, it was hard for her to fall for other men…

Even if her brother-in-law couldn't forget her sister for his whole life, she was still willing to guard by his side as a sister and that was enough. At this moment, a man and a woman walked in under the bodyguard's lead.

The young man looked matchlessly handsome while his actions radiated a nobleman's manners. As for the lady by his side… the instant Yu Xianxian saw her, a trace of shock flashed through her eyes. Perhaps no one in this world wouldn't be moved by such a gorgeous woman.

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