Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1908 - Jian An (11)

Chapter 1908: Jian An (11)

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Jian An’s expression completely changed.

Examine her body? Then wouldn’t everything be for naught? This mother of mine is truly unable to achieve anything but is good at spoiling things!

If it weren’t for her, how could I be forced to this degree? Right now, she was still causing me trouble!

“Mother!” Jian An shouted.

This was supposedly a warning shout but when her mother heard it, all she heard was a grievance.

“My daughter, rest assured. Mother will help you! Quickly find someone to examine her body!”

Jian An’s expression interchanged between ash and pale. “I… actually, I’m not sure if Qi Su did take advantage of me. After all, I was unconscious at that time, but the fact that he tore my clothes and molested me is a fact. When I woke up, I also saw him pressed on me.” Her words were reasonable and others couldn’t refute her argument.

“Qi Su,” After speaking, she glanced towards Qi Su, “So what if you didn’t take my body? You’ve seen me all over and tore my clothes. Don’t tell me you don’t have to take responsibility?”

Jian Bowen also felt that Jian An’s words were reasonable and assumed a strict face on the spot. “Young master Qi Su, my daughter is innocent and your actions equate to ruining her purity! I don’t care if you’ve taken her or not, but you have to assume responsibility today!”

Qi Su smiled. “Jian An repeatedly claimed that I pressed myself on her. I would like to ask if you’ve ever seen someone raping a woman with their clothes on?”

Everyone at the scene stared blankly. Earlier on, they hadn’t managed to take notice of this point.

That’s right, Qi Si clearly has his clothes on so why did Jian An claim that the other party attempted to molest her?

Jian An already thought of an excuse. She lowered her eyes. “Seeing that I woke up and realized that the situation was unfavorable, he then put on his clothes.”

“Is that so? Then, in that case, you’ve seen my naked body. I’d like to ask you, is my mole on my left shoulder or right shoulder?” A smile surfaced on Qi Su’s face as his eyes radiated chilliness.

Jian An was startled. How could I possibly know if his mole is on his left or right shoulder?

However, she knew that she could never answer the question he raised. In addition, there were only two answers and if she randomly made a guess, there was a fifty percent chance of getting the right answer.

Thinking for a moment, Jian An answered, “Left shoulder.”

Qi Su smiled. Upon seeing his smile, Jian An panicked. “No, I recalled wrongly. It’s the right shoulder.”

“Congratulations, your answer is…” With a tearing sound, Qi Su took off his clothes and his two smooth shoulders were revealed before everyone, “wrong. There’s no mole on my shoulders!” Jian An’s knees went weak and she nearly collapsed on the floor. She only managed to stabilize herself by leaning on her mother.

Qi Su actually… tricked me? How could he be so ruthless?

In this current situation, coupled with Jian An’s flustered expression, even the slow-witted Jian Yi noticed the problem.

She widened and tightly clasped her mouth in surprise. After a long time, she breathed deeply and said. “Jian An, you dared to use your chastity as a wager to frame someone! Tsk tsk, by doing such a shameless thing, you’ve thrown our Jian Family’s face. Father, I feel that we should chase Jian An and her mother out of the family!”

After she spoke, the woman instantly became flustered. She hastily pulled on Jian An’s arm. “Quick, hurry and beg your father. We cannot leave the Jian Family!”

“Mother…” Jian An’s voice was very feeble. She knew that she was doomed this time!


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