Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1907 - Jian An (10)

Chapter 1907: Jian An (10)

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"Do you think a concubine's daughter is worth the price of three mountain ranges?" Qi Su's handsome face contained scorn as his eyes were brimming with mocking. His voice was cold and detached, causing Jian An's heart to shiver at the same time.

She tightly clenched her fists as her heart seemed to be squeezed tight. It was so painful that it was hard to bear. Originally, she thought she could let go of her feelings and make it a transaction. She then realized that a single sentence of his could send her down to the eighteen depths of hell!

Yun Luofeng who stood by the door looked up at Qi Su. She didn't expect that he would say such hurtful words. However… she still did not intend to help Qi Su. She believed that he could resolve this problem.

Jian Bowen's complexion turned white, then red. He originally thought that Qi Su would use every means to obtain her after having committed such a beastly act towards his daughter. Furthermore, with this scandal, it would definitely affect Qi Su's position in the Liufeng Kindom. As such, using three mountain ranges as the price wasn't excessive!

Jian Bowen breathed deeply and asked, "If you're unwilling to take out three mountain ranges, then I'm sure one would suffice?" One mountain range was his bottom line.

"I'm sorry. In my heart, she's not even worth a single copper!" Qi Su looked up, and his cold and expressionless sight landed on Jian Bowen.

Jian An looked up with wide eyes as she gazed at Qi Su in disbelief. Her lips were even trembling as her face was colorless.

This man could be heartless to this extent? Could it be that he doesn't have the slightest sympathetic feelings for me?

"Qi Su, what exactly are you doing?" Jian Bowen's expression turned chilly. "You molested my daughter and you're telling me to let you off? If this spreads out, how could she marry in the future?"

"It is none of my busniess if she is unable to get married in the future. This is her own fault and I've never touched a single finger of hers!"

"You didn't touch her? Then what's with her clothing? Don't tell me she tore it herself?" Jian Bowen coldly smiled and spoke with contempt. He clearly understood his daughter. Even though her heart was higher than the heavens, she would disdain to do something like this.

"Since she said I took her, then please invite someone to check her body. Check if she's still a virgin!" Qi Su had one hand behind his back as he spoke indifferently.

Jian An shook uncontrollably. She then pointed at Qi Su. "Qi Su, you dared to commit such acts against me! You've taken me by force yet you want me to have my body checked? If news of me getting shamed this way was to spread out and everyone knows that I lost my chastity, how could I continue living? Are you intending to anger me to death?"

Tears streamed down from her cheeks and she tightly bit her lips. Her expression was of humiliation, just like she had been shamed by Qi Su.

"Qi Su, I know you have a fiance but you neglected my previous favor of saving you, and harmed me this way. Shouldn't you take responsibility?"

Qi Su coldly spoke. "I request for an examination of your body. If you've really lost your chastity, then I'll marry you. If you didn't, then it means that everything was done by yourself!"

Hearing his words, Jian An was jolted. Just as she wanted to continue arguing, a woman ran in the room and staggered.

"My dear daughter. This ingrateful man dares to treat you like that? Examine her body, her body must be examined! Hurry and find an experienced old woman. I want the person who held my daughter to take responsibility!"


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