Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1906 - Jian An (9)

Chapter 1906: Jian An (9)

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“Miss Yun!” Simultaneously, Qi Su saw the white-robed lady standing by the door. His lips moved and his eyes revealed helplessness, while his expression seemed to be saying that he didn’t know this situation would happen.

Yun Luofeng crossed her hands as she lazily leaned on the doorframe. Her wicked eyes quirked up as a smile surfaced on her lips. With her understanding of Qi Su, he would never commit such a mistake. Therefore, there was only one reason…

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes as her smile deepened, yet it contained endless chilliness. However, she did not intend to resolve this matter on Qi Su’s behalf. If he couldn’t even resolve such a small problem, how could she believe in his capabilities?

“It’s late. Settle this as soon as possible.” She lazily stretched and said indifferently. Her words meant: Hurry and resolve this issue and don’t disturb my rest.

“Hmph!” Jian Bowen snorted as his expression sank. “An’er, what exactly happened?”

Jian An glanced at Qi Su and bit her lips, revealing a humiliated expression. “Father, I’m also not sure what happened. Earlier on, I suddenly fainted when I went to sleep. After waking up, I realized that I was in young master Qi Su’s room. As for other matters, I’m not sure…”

Her meaning was very obvious. Originally, she was sleeping, but was inflicted with sleeping smoke and had even been captured by Qi Su! Upon seeing her untidy clothing, everyone could guess what had happened earlier on.

“I don’t believe you. Why would others molest you instead of someone else?” Jian Yi sneered as mocking could be seen across her face. “I think it’s because of your improper behavior on normal occasions that allowed others to take advantage of you!”

Jian An’s expression changed as her body froze. Even though she guessed that her actions would arouse Jian Yi to humiliate her, she did not turn back because of her mother! Even so, after hearing Jian Yi’s words, she still felt it hard to swallow.

“Jian An, someone like you dares to have delusions of young master Ji?” Jian Yi raised her chin and spoke with an overbearing attitude. “You had better return to look in the mirror. With your appearance, you’re simply a toad wanting to eat swan’s flesh. Right now, you’ve lost your chastity and it’s all the more impossible to marry young master Ji!”

Jian An’s head was lowered, seemingly about to land on the floor. Anyone who saw her would feel sympathy for her.

“Yi’er,” Jian Bowen frowned and glanced at Qi Su. His eyes didn’t look indifferent as before. Instead, he looked like a father looking at his son-in-law, “Since this has happened, then you have to assume responsibility for my daughter and marry her. Oh right, I heard that you’re from the Liufeng Kingdom’s Qi Family. Your family seems to have several spirit herb mountains. My request isn’t much, it’s enough to take out three as the betrothal gift.”

Within this continent, as spiritual energy was dense, medicinal herbs could go up by a grade and become spirit herbs. However, for spirit herbs to appear, not only did it require dense spiritual energy, but there was also a requirement of a naturally formed mountain range.

Even though other mountain ranges would also have spirit herbs, the quantities could be counted on one hand. It was completely different from those naturally formed mountain ranges that grew spirit herbs. However… the Qi Family only had five mountain ranges that grew spirit herbs. Yet, the Jian Family requested three the moment they opened their mouth?

Would there be something so good in this world?

Qi Su laughed grimly as his eyes revealed a chill. As expected, these people are all jackals of the same tribe, avaricious and insatiable.


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