Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1905 - Jian An (8)

Chapter 1905: Jian An (8)

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However, that person did not use any toxic smoke or try to poison him. Instead, she walked to his bedside. Shortly after, he heard the sound of tearing. Qi Su could no longer restrain himself and opened his eyes, then looked at the young lady standing by his bed.

Currently, her complexion was pale as before, while her clothing had been torn, with two lumps of meat appearing before his sight.

"Jian An, what are you thinking of doing?" Qi Su laughed grimly. "Seduction? Unfortunately, this is useless. To me, there is no difference between your body and the bones of the dead."

"Young master Qi Su, I'm sorry. I have been forced to my wit's end." Jian An's face was wretched. "If you were willing to help, I wouldn't have been forced to this extent!"

Qi Su rolled over and stood up from the bed, with chilliness across his face. "I originally wanted to leave after tonight, but since you've forced me, then I'll leave immediately! All ties shall be broken between us!"

"Leave?" Jian An miserably smiled. "That is beyond your control!" After speaking, she suddenly screamed. Her scream was very abrupt under the night scene and also interrupted the night serenity.

Qi Su wasn't stupid and from the start he assumed that Jian An wanted to seduce him. After hearing her scream, he understood her real motive. At this moment, his expression completely changed!

"Jian An, are you using your reputation as a wager? Do you think I'll act according to your wish? Even if you pour dirty water on me, I will never marry you!"

He honestly did not expect that Jian An would go to such an extent. At the same time, he felt regret. If he knew Jian An would do this, he wouldn't have come to the Jian Family!

"I know you won't be controlled by others and would not marry me because of this. However, what if this matter were to be known by your fiance? Do you think she'll believe you?" Jian An pressed in closer to Qi Su, "However, if you help me and complete a fake marriage with me, I'll explain it to your fiance in the near future."

Jian An kept her adoration for him and made a suggestion, "This would be a transaction. What do you think?"

Right now, she did not hope to have a conjugal union with Qi Su. She merely wanted to save her mother.

Qi Su revealed a mocking smile. "Do you think I'll trust you? I only know I have to make a lightning fast decision right now to prevent anyone from having an opportunity to pester me!"

"Qi Su, why are you so heartless?" Jian An's eyes were filled with pain. "To you, this should be an easy feat. As long as you casually deal with this, you could save a life! Even if you disregard my previous favor, you shouldn't be so heartless! I honestly didn't expect that the man I loved for numerous years would turn his back and leave me in the lurch!"

Qi Su sneered. "Save someone who schemed against me? I'm not that kind!"

"Since that's the case, then don't blame me for being ruthless!" Jian An revealed a desolate smile and slowly shut her eyes. In her heart she had already been extremely disappointed by Qi Su.

If he was willing to help her at this moment, perhaps she would explain to others that it was a misunderstanding…

Right now, since you're was being heartless, then don't blame me for being immoral! Suddenly, Jian An opened her eyes and her gaze contained a resolute glint.

At this moment, a wave of footstep could be heard and shortly after, a group of men broke through the door and entered, encircling the entire room rapidly.

The first one entering was Jian Bowen and Jian Yi. After both of them witnessed the situation in the room, the former revealed a frown while the latter revealed disdain.


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