Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1904 - Jian An (7)

Chapter 1904: Jian An (7)
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"If you intend to threaten me with the favor, then I can only break all ties with you!" He had a bottom line. He could repay a single favor with ten favors but the precondition was to not touch his bottom line!

"Young master Qi Su!" Seeing that Qi Su was about to leave, Jian An knelt on the ground with tears on her face. "My father knows that you are the Qi Family's young master and is forcing me to marry you. If I'm not able to do so, he'll kill my mother. She's my only kin and the most important person in my life. How could I turn a blind eye to her? Please help me. As long as we get married, my father will let my mother go! Don't tell me you are going to leave me in the lurch?"

Her cries were very heart-wrenching and her eyes were thoroughly red. Once she recalled the price her mother was about to pay, her heart had fiercely clenched tight. However, Jian An had never reflected on her actions. She brought everything upon herself as she was the cause for Jian Bowen to release such an order.

She wouldn't meet her end if she hadn't sought for death! If she did not find Jian Bowen to say all those words, how would he use her mother's life to threaten her? Ultimately, it was her own fault…

Qi Su's back stiffened and a complicated feeling flashed through his eyes. He deeply sighed. "I would never hurt my fiance's heart because of you. In my heart, she's more important."

His words were already very ruthless. After he finished speaking, he slowly walked back.

Jian An collapsed on the ground and her eyes filled with despair as she glanced at Qi Su's back while he walked away.

"Qi Su, are you honestly going to be so heartless? To prevent her from being hurt, you could disregard a person's life? I've begged you like that, yet why aren't you willing to help me? If you aren't willing, that man will definitely kill my mother!"

She simply couldn't understand how could Qi Su be so cold and ruthless. Saving them both was as easy as lifting his hands. Furthermore, it was only a fake marriage.
Even though his fiance would be heartbroken, wouldn't it be resolved if he explained to her? In addition, as a man, how could he be unable to suppress his fiance?

By having a mother like that, the influence Jian An received was very deep. In their world, men were heavens and an existence they had to look up at! She did not believe that Qi Su's fiance could raise any disagreements… Furthermore, if a fake marriage could cause her to be heartbroken, what if Qi Su were to take in concubines in the future?

Her mother said that it was a matter of course for men to have three wives and four concubines. Preventing a man from taking a concubine was disrespectful and being unfilial to their parents-in-law! A daughter-in-law like that was destined to have fingers pointed at them!

Qi Su did not know of Jian An's train of thought, but after hearing her words, he had already decided to leave the Jian Family. However… as the skies were already getting dark, he sighed and said, "It's quite late and I'll look for Miss Yun tomorrow to speak about leaving. I'm sure she must be resting now."

Furthermore, he doubted that the Jian Family could cause any waves with just a night! Thinking of this, he stepped into his room and undressed after closing the door, preparing to take a rest. However, before Qi Su slept for long, he sensed that his door was pushed open and a stranger's aura entered.

He did not open his eyes, wanting to know what that woman intended to do.

As he learned medical skills from Yun Yueqing at a young age, he subconsciously tightened his five organs, afraid that he would be subjected to a surprise attack.


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