Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1903 - Jian An (6)

Chapter 1903: Jian An (6)

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Looking at his peaceful expression, Jian An's eyes darkened. "Young Master Qi, could you possibly take me as your wife?"

"Apologies, I'm unwilling." His words were very direct, causing Jian An's heart to be ripped apart and she felt a heart-wrenching pain. She already knew that Qi Su wouldn't be fond of a concubine's daughter. But after she heard his rejection in person, she was still upset.

"I know Young master Qi wouldn't fancy me because I'm only the daughter of a Jian Family's concubine. However, I only beg of you to help me this once. Could you pretend to marry me? After I leave the Jian Family, I will return your freedom." Jian An's expression was somewhat pale. She looked up at Qi Su, while her eyes were filled with hope.

The young man before her was her last saving straw. No one other than him was capable of helping her!

"Jian An, I already have a fiance and she's waiting for me in the Liufeng Kingdom. Right now, you are requesting that I pretend to marry you? Then if my fiance were to find out, how am I to explain myself?"

Qi Su's expression had already cooled down. If it weren't for the fact that Jian An had helped him in the past, he would've directly rejected with, "How could I break my fiance's heart for a stranger like you?"

Jian An looked somewhat as though she was suffering. So it turns out that Qi Su already has a fiance.

"Your fiance… does she have a powerful status?"

Only a person with powerful status was worthy of Qi Su, and a concubine's daughter like her could never marry him!

Qi Su frowned. "Jian An, what do you mean? Would I be a snob? Let me tell you, even if the woman I love is a beggar, she's still my beloved! Do you know a year ago, when my Master went missing and I was mistreated by the Qi Family, everyone distanced themselves and only she stayed by my side? In my life, I will never let her down!"

Jian An chuckled with a deathly pale complexion.

"My apologies, I was wrong." How could the man she loved be a snob? Otherwise, she wouldn't have longed for him for so long…

"Young master Qi, I'm also at my wit's end and so, came looking for you. Can you help me? I believe that your fiance must be very kindhearted and she'll understand you." Jian An wanted to grab on Qi Su's sleeve but had been flung away by him.

Qi Su's expression revealed impatience. "My fiancee is indeed very kind. But kindhearted women would still have high requirements in terms of feelings! Even though it would be a fake marriage, what woman could tolerate their man going through a wedding ceremony with another woman?"

Jian An's expression became increasingly pale. She was at her wit's end but was he still unwilling to help her? He wouldn't do even if it was fake? She didn't even request a real marriage… If Qi Su wasn't willing to help, there was only a dead-end for her mother!

"Young master Qi, a few years ago, you and your master came to the Tianqi Kingdom. When you encountered danger and were surrounded by others, your master wasn't by your side. At that time, you asked me to locate your master and inform her of your predicament."

Originally, Qi Su still felt somewhat grateful to Jian An, but after hearing her words, the sole trace of gratitude disappeared.

"I am very grateful that you notified my master and she also repaid your favor by giving you a few stalks of spirit herbs. Those herbs were very valuable and your mother was seriously ill at that time. It was Master's spirit herbs that saved your mother from the death's door!" Qi Su looked at Jian An. "Therefore, I've repaid your favor of before. I've always been someone who repaid a single favor with multiple favors. As such, when you were bullied by your sister, I also stood up and chased her away for you."


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