Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1902 - Jian An (5)

Chapter 1902: Jian An (5)

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Astonishment flooded Qi Su's gaze. According to his understanding of Yun Luofeng, usually she wasn't willing to help others.

"Miss Yun, your request is…" Qi Su pondered and asked.

"I want him to listen to my orders!" All along, Yun Luofeng had a huge appetite and wanted to control this Tianqi Kingdom in one go and Qi Su believed that she had the capability to do so!

"Tell these things to the second prince and as for the request, I will personally inform him of it." Yun Luofeng slightly smiled as her pitch-black eyes were filled with confidence.

"Then I'll look for the second prince tomorrow." Just as both of them were conversing, footsteps sounds could be heard outside. In an instant, both of them stopped their conversation.

"Qi Su, resolve the problems you stirred up. Towards women, you have to be decisive and ruthless to prevent future troubles." Yun Luofeng said with indifference.

She had already reminded Qi Su. If he were to procrastinate and cause future trouble, then it would be his own problem. Regarding the matters of feelings, one had to be firm in rejection and not give others hope first then despair shortly after.

"I understand." Qi Su helplessly sigh. He did not believe Jian An had fallen for him but… he trusted Yun Luofeng without a doubt.

The words Yun Luofeng said would never be wrong. Just as they were speaking, the door was pushed open. Jian An saw Qi Su the moment she entered and smiled. "Young master Qi, I have some matters to talk to you about. Would it be convenient to chat somewhere else?"

She glanced at Yun Luofeng within the room. She clearly did not wish for her to know about their conversation.

"There's no need. You can speak right now." Qi Su flatly rejected her. Yun Luofeng wasn't an outsider and there was nothing she couldn't listen to.

Jian An stared blankly as her expression was of hesitation. To a woman, there are some words they couldn't say in front of outsiders… Just as Jian An had a worried frown, Yun Luofeng's bewitching voice sounded from the room.

"Qi Su, follow her. I've said what I have to say. You should know what to do." With Yun Luofeng's prompting, Qi Su did not reject Jian An. He nodded and said, "Lead the way."

Jian An felt mixed and complicated feelings. She had indeed wanted to speak with Qi Su but seeing how obedient Qi Su was to Yun Luofeng, it caused her to be unhappy. However, she did not reveal discontent. Instead, there was still a gentle smile. "Young master Qi Su, please follow me."

In reality, Jian An very much wished to bring Qi Su to her room to converse. At the same time, she was clear that if she had done so, Qi Su would certainly be unwilling. This young man had placed too much emphasis on the difference between men and women. However, wasn't such a man rare?

In the rear rock garden, Jian An stopped and turned to Qi Su. She was silent for a moment before asking. "Young master Qi Su, what's your relationship with Miss Yun?"

Perhaps due to Yun Luofeng's previous reminder, Qi Su felt that Jian An's question was too deliberate and caused him discomfort.

"Miss Yun is my friend. Coming to the Tianqi Kingdom this time was to accompany her to look for Ji Jiutian."

Friend? Hearing his words, Jian An relaxed. "I was originally under the impression…"

"Under what impression?" Qi Su frowned and asked.

Jian An pursed her lips and did not answer Qi Su's question.

Her eyes then fixed on Qi Su. "Young master Qi Su, actually… I fell for you the first time I met you a few years ago."

Immediately, Qi Su's fingers stiffened. Perhaps due to Yun Luofeng's previous reminder, he did not appear too shocked.


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