Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1900 - Jian An (3)

Chapter 1900: Jian An (3)

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Her mind was in a state of confusion and did not even know how she returned to her room.

"An'er, what happened?"

Within the room, a woman in sackcloth clothing saw Jian An walking into the room and hastily put down her needlework. Walking to Jian An's side, her gaze was filled with worry. "Did your father say something to you again?"

Her mother's voice finally caused Jian An to recover her senses. She looked up and foolishly gazed at the woman before her.

"Mother, why don't we leave the Jian Family?"

She had gone looking for Jian Bowen was to make him retract his orders to seduce Ji Jiutian. As after all, she did not love Ji Jiutian and was even more afraid he would fancy her. At that time, it would be hard to wind things down. Therefore, she had brought Qi Su here. What she didn't expect was, her father would use her mother to threaten her. Her mother was the most important person in her life.

Frankly speaking, she did not have a single ounce of confidence to make Qi Su fall for her, else she wouldn't have raised the topic of taking her mother to escape from the Jian Family.

The woman's expression suddenly sank. "An'er, what nonsense are you spouting? I will never leave Jian Family! If your father chided you, just bear with it and it'll pass. Don't sing an opposing tune."

Jian An smiled bitterly. She already knew that her mother would never leave. If she was willing to leave the Jian Family, she wouldn't have deliberately schemed against her father to have his child. Otherwise, with her father's personality of judging others by their appearance, her mother would never have been able to enter the estate with her average looks.

"An'er, don't be angry with your father. If it weren't for him, you wouldn't exist. What your father says is right and listen to him. Don't mention such silly words of leaving the Jian Family. I will never leave."

"Mother, what if father is thinking of killing you?" Jian An couldn't restrain herself and said this.

The woman was startled but continued smiling. "How could your father kill me? I've at least given birth to a daughter for him, and he's not someone so ruthless."

"Furthermore…" the woman paused and continued, "if I haven't done anything wrong, why would your father think of killing me? An'er, you have to remember that men are kings in the world. If you were to marry, you have to be obedient. Follow what your husband says and if he hits you, you must've done something wrong. Therefore, you can never retaliate, do you understand?"

Jian An smiled bitterly. She had heard these words numerous times. After every few months, her mother would repeat this, seemingly afraid that she wouldn't listen to her husband in the future when she got married.

The woman patiently persuaded. "You have to remember what I've told you! If your personality is stubborn, men won't like it and they will divorce you. At that time, you'll be insulted and criticized by everyone. Your father can't bear to lose this face."

In her point of view, when a couple divorced, the problem must have been with the woman! Otherwise, why would others divorce you for no cause or reason?

Jian An understood her mother's personality and no longer said anything, only answering her. "Mother, I understand. I will listen to father's words."

Within a wing of the Jian Family.

Yun Luofeng seated on the table while Qi Su poured a cup of tea for her before he sat in front of her.

"Qi Su," Yun Luofeng lightly sipped the tea and spoke, "How reliable do you think Jian An's words are?"

Jian An said that Ji Jiutian would return in a few days, but… she knew that Ji Jiutian would never listen to the Jian Family's arrangements.

Hearing her question, Qi Su scratched his head. "I'm not sure. It was several years ago when I previously encountered Jian An. I had met with some trouble and she helped me! At that time, Jian An was only twelve or thirteen, a naive and innocent age. However, people change and I don't really understand her current personality."


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