Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1899 - Jian An (2)

Chapter 1899: Jian An (2)

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Jian An lowered her eyes. “Father, please forgive me for not being able to meet your wishes. No matter how outstanding I am, Ji Jiutian will never fancy your daughter.”


“Because…” Jian An’s eyes flickered, “Ji Jiutian likes men!”

She would never marry Ji Jiutian! However, if she were to directly raise the issue to her father, he would never agree to her requests. Therefore, she could only push the responsibility to Ji Jiutian. In any case, Ji Jiutian wasn’t in Jian Family, wasn’t that so?

Jian Bowen was shocked as he staggered and sat down with an ashen complexion. He hadn’t considered this possibility!

His eldest daughter’s appearance was extremely beautiful so how could it be possible that Ji Jiutian was not fond of her? Even if he didn’t wish for her to become his wife, he should definitely be willing for her to become his woman. However… towards his eldest daughter, he did not even spare her a single glance!

Other than Ji Jiutian having a different orientation, Jian Bowen simply couldn’t think of another reason! No man wouldn’t like a beautiful woman, nor could they resist such seduction!

“Jian An!” Jian Bowen gnashed his teeth, “How did you find out about this?”

Jian An didn’t even stutter when she lied, “Actually, I previously had wanted to become Ji Jiutian’s wife, but… he personally told me about his sexual orientation and so, I could only give up.”

“Didn’t you know that the moment you revealed this, you would lose your position in the Jian Family?” Jian Bowen glanced at Jian An expressionlessly. “Your ending will be, to become a concubine of one of those influential families. No one would be willing to marry a concubine’s daughter!”

Jian An faintly smiled. “Father, do you know who are those people that I brought home?”

Jian Bowen revealed a puzzled look.

“That young man named Qi Su is the Liufeng Kingdom’s young master. Furthermore, his master Yun Yueqing is very powerful and not inferior to Ji Jiutian. Do you think he would be acceptable?”

In her life, she only had Qi Su in her heart, and she was willing to take chances.

“You want your father to propose a marriage?” Jian Bowen hadn’t expected that Jian An would know the young master of the most influential family in the Liufeng Kingdom.

If it was him, he would be helpful to the Jian Family…

“No,” Jian An shook her head, “I want to vie for my own relationship. Furthermore, Qi Su isn’t someone easily controlled. If he doesn’t like me in the slightest, he would never agree to connect by marriage with the Jian Family.”

Jian Bowen who originally had an ashen expression suddenly laughed heartily after hearing her words.

“Fine, if you can marry into the Qi Family, you shall be a proper young miss of our Jian Family!”

Jian An once again lowered her eyes as a bitter smile curved on her lips. So he means, if I can’t marry into the Qi Family, I will return to having no position in the family again? Inferior to even a servant maid?

“However…” Jian Bowen’s eyes twirled and continued speaking, “if you fail, the Jian Family will no longer have a daughter like you anymore. While your mother… doesn’t have to stay around any longer.”


Jian An’s expression turned deathly paled as she looked up in disbelief, gazing towards Jian Bowen’s cruel appearance. She didn’t dare to believe that this was something her biological father had said! Even though her mother was born from a small family and couldn’t bring about any assistance to the Jian Family, she had loved this man for her whole life!

Just because she failed, he would kill her mother?

Jian An bit her lips as her gaze was filled with suffering. She regretted looking for her father to raise such a request.

“You can leave.” Jian Bowen waved his hands and coldly said.

Jian An then turned and left.


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