Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1898 - Jian An (1)

Chapter 1898: Jian An (1)

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Qi Su's eyes brightened as his expression alleviated. He turned and asked, "Miss Yun, should we head to the Jian Family?"

"Alright." Yun Luofeng paused for a moment before nodding.

Seeing that Qi Su had to ask for Yun Luofeng's permission for a small matter, she revealed traces of shock and looked away. Yet, she did not say anything else. After all, they were merely acquaintances, so what rights did she have to ask about his relationship with that woman?

"Miss Jian, then we'll have to trouble you." Qi Su scratched his head and gently chuckled.

In reality, the reason he helped her earlier on was that Jian An had helped him in the past. He was someone who knew how to be grateful, and so he wouldn't possibly be indifferent after witnessing her getting bullied.

"Young master Qi Su, stop addressing me by Miss Jian and it's fine to call me An'er." Jian An's eyes were filled with smiles as her gaze towards Qi Su was very bright.

Qi Su's expression stiffened as he sternly spoke. "This won't do. There are differences between men and woman so how can I address you so intimately? This is being disrespectful to you!"

From how Qi Su had continuously addressed Yun Luofeng as Miss Yun, it could be seen that this young man's personality was inflexible and paid more attention to the difference between men and women.

He hadn't even changed his address to Yun Luofeng, so how could he possibly be so close to Jian An who was just an acquaintance?

"Then you can do as you please." A trace of disappointment flashed across Jian An's eyes. She couldn't understand why was he so inflexible when it was just a way of address.

Yun Luofeng's gaze swept across Jian An's expression and upon noticing the disappointment on her face, she slightly quirked her lips and softly said. "Qi Su, I'm tired."

Towards Yun Luofeng's orders, Qi Su implemented it faster than anything. He immediately stood up and his eyes fell on Jian An

"Miss Jian, should we head to the Jian Family right now?" His words were clearly questioning her. However, Jian An believed that if she continued to delay, Qi Su would definitely leave with that woman and this made her feel uncomfortable.

Even so, Qi Su's attention was all on Yun Luofeng's words and did not even notice the trace of dissatisfaction Jian An revealed.

Jian An took a deep breath and a smile surfaced. "Young master Qi, Miss Yun, please follow me." After speaking, she slowly turned towards the streets ahead.

Although Jian An's identity was that of a concubine's child in Jian Family, the servants weren't as unkind as they were before as the family head had arranged for her to marry Ji Jiutian. After Jian An gave orders to bring Qi Su and Yun Luofeng to rest, the servants immediately executed her commands.

Very soon, this incident was spread to Jian Bowen's ears. Knowing that his daughter brought a group of outsiders, his expression was very unhappy. Just as he wanted to look for Jian An, he noticed his daughter walking into his study room.

"An'er, you honestly don't know how high are our expenses are without being in my situation!" Jian Bowen revealed a cold expression. "Our Jian Family doesn't have excess money to take care of your two friends!"

Jian Family was quite wealthy but Jian Bowen had always been petty. So how could he possibly spend money on outsiders? It didn't matter if it was a single copper!

"Father," Jian An's lips quirked up. "Do you honestly intend to marry me to Ji Jiutian? Are you sure he would listen to the Jian Family's arrangements with that man's personality ?"

Jian Bowen's expression darkened. "The Jian Family will not deliberately set you two up. Everything will depend on your hard work and if you aren't able to let Ji Jiutian fall for you, then it's because you're useless. Our Jian Family doesn't need a useless daughter!"

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