Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1897 - News of Ji Jiutian (6)

Chapter 1897: News of Ji Jiutian (6)

Translator: DRZ  Editor: Rock

Ji Jiutian? Joy streaked across Yun Luofeng’s eyes.

Ji Jiutian was truly in the Tianqi Kingdom? However….

Recalling their conversation, Yun Luofeng smirked. With Ji Jiutian’s personality, he wasn’t easily controlled by others. Even though her father wanted her to marry, would Ji Jiutian marry her for sure?

“You…” Jian Yi huffed in anger and slapped Jian An’s face. “I’m the second prince’s wife and don’t you sully my reputation!”

No matter how powerful Ji Jiutian was, he couldn’t compare to the Tianqi Kingdom’s Imperial Family. Even though that man was incomparably handsome, the person she wanted to marry was the second prince! Right now, Jian Yi just couldn’t put up with Jian An, this concubine’s daughter, sullying an extremely handsome man like Ji Jiutian.

Jian An snorted. What she said before was just to deliberately anger Jian Yi. Ji Jiutian wasn’t the type she liked. The person she liked was a youngster that was as elegant as jade.

Just as Jian Yi was about to send another slap, an arm held her hand. The young man stood facing the wind and was matchlessly handsome. His appearance leaned towards to being inexperienced as his pitch-black eyes contained a cold glint.

“It’s you!” Jian An’s voice contained surprise as she stared unwaveringly at the young man appearing by her side.

If Yun Luofeng wasn’t mistaken, she detected a trace of admiration that flashed across Jian An’s eyes. So it turns out, she liked Qi Su’s type. However, Qi Su already had Mu Xuexin!

“Scram!” Qi Su coldly shouted and pushed Jian Yi as his eyes were as cold as snow.

Jian Yi’s small face was deathly pale as her footsteps retreated. She then fiercely glared at Jian An. “Jian An, other than acting wronged to seduce men, what else are you capable of?”

Towards her mocking, Jian An did not say anything to refute it. The adoration in her eyes was well concealed and she only revealed a happy smile.

“Will you get lost on your own accord or shall I help you?” Qi Su’s hands tightly grabbed Jian Yi as he coldly spoke.

Sensing the aura Qi Su radiated, Jian Yi clenched her teeth. “Hmph, I’ll let you off today! I’ll teach you a lesson next time! Let’s go!”

After leaving these words, Jian Yi took her followers and left. She didn’t act as if suffering a defeat but instead, was as proud as a peacock.

After rescuing Jian An, Qi Su walked to Yun Luofeng’s side. He smiled and scratched his head. “Miss Yun, previously when I was traveling with Master, I had a few encounters with her and I couldn’t help but stop to help her after seeing her bullied.”

Noticing that Qi Su hadn’t spoken with her and instead, turned to the white-robed lady, traces of sadness flashed through her eyes.

As Qi Su was back facing her, he did not see her expression. However, Yun Luofeng had clearly seen the emotions within her eyes.

“Wait for me,” Yun Luofeng patted Qi Su’s shoulders and walked towards Jian An. “Earlier on you mentioned Ji Jiutian. Is he fond of wearing red clothing and has a seductive appearance? Oh, right, there’s also a bright red mark between his brows.”

Jian An did not answer Yun Luofeng’s question but turned to Qi Su and he felt somewhat strange. Yun Luofeng was asking her so why did she look at me?

“This… why are you looking at me?” Qi Su couldn’t help but ask.

In actuality, his heart had been filled by Mu Xuexin and he was completely oblivious towards other woman’s peculiar emotions.

Jian An slightly lowered her eyes. “The person you described is indeed young master Ji. However, he went out recently and will only return a few days later. Why don’t you follow me into the estate and wait? I’ll speak with my father, saying that you’re young master Ji’s sister. He will definitely take you in.”


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