Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1895 - News of Ji Jiutian (4)

Chapter 1895: News of Ji Jiutian (4)

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Taken advantage of by someone else? Su Xue suddenly widened her eyes as her startled gaze turned to Liu Yue.

The reason she was so furious towards Yun Luofeng was because of the information Liu Yue channeled to her. Her words implied that Yun Luofeng was the type of woman who clung to Qi Su without any sense of shame and that was why Su Xue had been so furious. At this very moment, Liu Yue's complexion paled as she tightly bit her lips, seemingly very pitiful

Speaking in a restrained and cold tone, Qi Su said, "Are you going to get lost or do you require my help to chase you out?"

Those ladies did not dare to stay and hastily left. Other than Su Xue who had been arrested…

This time around, they listened to Mu Xuexin's warning and went to investigate the what had happened within the Qi Family a few days back. Numerous bystanders were in the surrounding area that day, and it wasn't hard to make inquiries.

After finding out that Yun Luofeng could actually stand up against a heavenly-god expert, and even defeated him, their hearts instantly panicked. After that, when they heard that Qi Su was only working under Yun Luofeng, they finally knew how silly their actions were…

The Su Family's head only managed to rescue Su Xue after personally making a trip and paying an extremely huge price.

After returning, the family head fiercely taught his daughter a lesson and informed her about what had previously happened in the Qi Family without leaving out a single word.

Su Xue was shocked silly and finally understood that she had been taken advantage of by Liu Yue!

Thinking of this, she was very angry. The Su Family's head was also infuriated due to this and used his influence to make things difficult for Liu Yue's father in all aspects. It was to the extent that Lord Liu had been suppressed in the court meetings…

After this, whenever Su Xue and Liu Yue met, these two women would have a showdown, wishing they could tear the other party to pieces!

Of course, Yun Luofeng wasn't aware of these happenings because Qi Su informed her that someone witnessed Ji Jiutian in the Tianqi Kingdom! Qi Su left previously for a few days was also to verify this information.

The Tianqi Kingdom? Upon mention of the Tianqi Kingdom, Yun Luofeng only knew one person and that was the Second Prince.

She narrowed her eyes and lightly tapped the table as she continued questioning. "What about the Ghost Emperor, Yun Xiao's location? Do you have any leads?"

Qi Su furrowed his brows as he answered, "He also seems to be in the Tianqi Kingdom, but I can't be sure."

"Qi Su, follow me to the Tianqi Kingdom and hand over the things here to Manager Zhao." Yun Luofeng slowly stood up. "Regardless of whether this news is reliable or not, I will not abandon the slightest hope. Furthermore… we have to pass through the Tianqi Kingdom to enter the Forest of Heaven's Trial."

Forest of Heaven's Trial…

Qi Su seemed to recall something as he questioned. "Miss Yun, are you honestly unsure if you're related to my master?"

"I'm not certain," Yun Luofeng shook her head, "I only know my mother and father's names are Bai Ling and Yun Yang respectively, and they perished on the battlefield. Previously I saw the jade bracelet Xiao Ling took out, and that bracelet was a love token my father gave my mother. However, if she's still alive, then whose corpse is in my Yun Family's ancestral tomb?"

Yun Luofeng honestly couldn't figure out their relationship and lightly sighed as she shook her head.

Qi Su's face was instead, filled with excitement. "My master also came to this continent from the battlefield. She forgot about her past and her identity. However, there seem to be someone named Ling from her memories but she couldn't identify the other party. As for my sister's name, it was thought of by my master."

"Miss Yun," Qi Su took a deep breath and continued asking, "since you claim that you're not sure of the identity of the corpse in the Yun Family's ancestral tomb, then I'll ask you something. Have you ever seen your mother's corpse?"

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