Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1893 - News of Ji Jiutian (2)

Chapter 1893: News of Ji Jiutian (2)

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The other ladies' expressions also darkened as they glared at Yun Luofeng with a scowl.

"What do you mean? I'm the minister's daughter and if His Majesty knew how you treated me, he would never spare you!" Su Xue angrily rebuked.

She wanted to continue teaching Yun Luofeng a lesson, but before she even reached her, she had been obstructed by the Qi Family's guards. Similar to grabbing a little chick, she had been hauled out the door.

"Let go, you better let go! You're the Qi Family's bodyguards so why are you listening to her? I know, she must've seduced Qi Su. If the princess finds out about this, she'll never let her off!"

At this moment, Su Xue clearly forgot that her motive for being here was also for Qi Su. As the crowd saw Su Xue hauled out by the guards, they were unconsciously bewildered.

Why did the Qi Family's guards listen to her orders?

Could it be… Qi Su had really taken a fancy to her?

No! Absolutely not!

If it was the princess, perhaps they had a chance to become the Qi Family's concubine. However, if the Qi Family had such a tyrannical, unreasonable, and evil woman, they would never have the chance to enter the Qi Family's gates!

Just as Su Xue was cursing Yun Luofeng, a voice sounded from behind her and caused her furious expression to suddenly turn into surprise.

"What happened?" Not far away, Qi Su stood by the gates as he frowned.

I only left for a few days so why are there so many people here at the Qi Family?

"Young master," A bodyguard loosened his grip and Su Xue fell to the ground with a bang, looking very battered. "These people came to the Qi Family requesting to meet the young master. They've been here for several days."

Qi Su hadn't come alone and there was also Mu Xuexin by his side. Therefore, seeing Mu Xuexin standing by Qi Su, the other ladies did not dare to move. However, Su Xue's train of thought was different. She believed that she would be Qi Su's woman sooner or later and so, it was reasonable no matter what she did.

As such… she climbed up from the ground and rapidly pounced towards Qi Su.

Qi Su jumped from shock and directly kicked Su Xue in the chest without thinking, causing her to suddenly fly out and crash heavily among the flower shrubs.

Su Xue was startled as tears fell like rain. "Young master Qi Su, I came to meet you but this woman is too evil. She actually claimed that she was the Qi Family's head woman and wanted to chase us out!" While she was complaining tearfully, she did not forget to complain about Yun Luofeng.

Mu Xuexin's expression was similar to looking at an idiot as her graceful face contained disdain. She then coldly looked at the battered Su Xue. The other women thought they would witness Mu Xuexin's ice-cold expression but unexpectedly, she kept a straight face, just like she hadn't heard Su Xue's complaints.

This… how could this be?

Wasn't Mu Xuexin deeply in love with Qi Su? Why was she able to be unconcerned after hearing someone else claiming to possess what belonged to her?

The sweet-tempered red-robed lady bit her lips and slowly walked to Mu Xuexin and Qi Su. "Your Highness, we only came to visit young master Qi Su without other intentions. Unexpectedly… we actually discovered young master Qi had another woman. She even threatened to chase us out."

She adored Qi Su for many years but sadly, when Qi Su had been chased out the family back then, she felt that she couldn't marry a powerless man no matter how much she loved him. Luckily, now that Qi Su had returned and even seized control of the Qi Family, it wasn't beneath her even if she became his concubine. However… she was clever by not revealing her intentions, only declaring that she came to visit Qi Su.

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