Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1891 - End of Consort Qin (12)

Chapter 1891: End of Consort Qin (12)

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Consort Qin clearly knew that the little prince wasn't Mu Zhentian's son at that time. Therefore, she hadn't felt that his son did not recognize his family.

"Get lost, I don't acknowledge you as my imperial mother, I don't have a mother like you who looks for b*stard men! You're guilty of this, but I'm not a b*stard son! I'm not!" The little prince's face was full of madness as he slapped Consort Qin. Even though Consort Qin's evil crimes filled the heavens, she had wholeheartedly loved her son. She never expected that her son would be spoiled to this extent.

Holding her cheek, Consort Qin was filled with regret. It was the first time she regretted not having disciplined the little prince and even instilled so many evil thoughts in him…

Right now, she was reaping what she sowed!

The next day, the imperial hall was filled with unceasing arguments.

Qi Zheng's conducts and deeds invoked criticism and were the main topic of the argument. He had been spit on, cursed, and disdained by everyone. Not only did Consort Qin make Mu Zhentian a cuckold, but she was also pregnant with a b*stard child. Therefore, all the ministers had announced the death penalty for her.

Of course, the death penalty was too easy and they even requested a physician from the Imperial Physician Court to retrieve a type of poison that could let her suffer pain for seven days and nights until her death.

Although the little prince hadn't committed a substantive mistake, he was not of the Imperial Family's bloodline, and the added fact that his heart was filled with malice at such a young age made him unpardonable!

As for Consort Qin's henchmen, none were spared. The physician that assisted her had used his death to apologize after finding out what had happened to Consort Qin.

Mu Zhentian had originally admired Qi Su and he already had a wedding contract with Mu Xuexin. Thus, he passed down the order for both of them to get engaged. With this order, naturally, some people rejoiced and others were worried. Those who rejoiced were obviously Qi Su, Qi Ling, and Mu Xuexin, while those who worried were the young ladies of the Liufeng Kingdom that adored Qi Su…

However, even though the Qi Family had a first wife, the position of the second wife and concubine positions were still available. Momentarily, all the ladies acted and this resulted in the Qi Family's front yard being as busy as a marketplace.

These people only thought of wanting to join the Qi Family and never expected that their actions would offend someone named Yun Luofeng!

At this moment within the room, Yun Luofeng was currently resting with her eyes closed. Hearing the clamorous voices sounding from the front yard, it instantly caused her expression to sink. Seeing her master's change of expression, Qi Ling volunteered. "Master, I'll go out and chase them away."

After resolving Qi Family's affairs, Qi Su had temporarily left the Qi Family for some matters. He had already left for a few days, yet those ladies still took great pains and patiently squatted outside the Qi Family.

As the bodyguards of the Qi Family didn't dare to intercept these noble ladies, it resulted in them grouping together and treating the Qi Family as a marketplace.

Previously, Yun Luofeng had entered the God Code World the moment the sun rose and so, did not sense anything. However, she did not enter the God Code World today and thus, discovered the situation at the Qi Family.

"Qi Ling, do you wish for Mu Xuexin to be your sister-in-law?" Yun Luofeng smiled and asked. Although she hadn't met with Mu Xuexin often, she had a favorable impression of her. As the princess, Mu Xuexin wasn't proud nor hot-tempered. Regardless of riches and honor, she had set her mind on Qi Su and she was worth it for Qi Su to spend his whole life loving her.

"I like Master the most, but…" Qi Ling slanted her head, "Master can't become Ling'er's sister-in-law so Ling'er wishes for Sister Mu to become my brother's wife."

Even though Qi Su was Qi Ling's brother, but in fact, Qi Ling always felt that her brother wasn't deserving of her master.

"Since that's the case, let's make a trip outside and end all the possible future trouble."

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