Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1890 - End of Consort Qin (11)

Chapter 1890: End of Consort Qin (11)

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“Doesn’t know anything?” Mu Zhentian narrowed his eyes and slowly reaching out his hands, a piece of painting fell out. That painting was of a young woman, but she had over a thousand sword cuts inflicted on her and she was kneeling while begging for forgiveness.

Standing before that young woman was a little kid that stood akimbo accepting her kowtow with his head held high. Clearly, that young woman was Mu Xuexin while the little kid was the little prince.

A child of such a young age already had such a vicious heart, how could she say that he doesn’t know anything?

The instant Consort Qin saw the contents of the painting, the panic on her face increased. “Your Majesty, someone must’ve framed the little prince! My son is innocent and kind-hearted, how could he wish to kill the Fourth Princess?”

Unfortunately, the little prince simply did not coordinate with Consort Qin. He pushed her hands away and fiercely glared at the woman within the painting.

“I am Imperial Father’s son and she is just a daughter, what right did she have to snatch his love? Only I deserve to be pampered and she can only be crushed beneath my feet.”

Consort Qin turned pale from fright, wanting to reach out and cover the little prince’s mouth. Unfortunately, it was too late as the little prince had spoken.

Mu Zhentian narrowed his eyes and traces of fury flashed across. “Who taught you all this?” He acted as if he had casually asked this question.

This time, the little prince answered him without holding back. “Imperial Mother told me! She said that only sons could inherit and women had to get married. Once they were married they will be like spilled water, no longer an Imperial Family member!”

“Good, very good!” Mu Zhentian laughed from extreme anger, “You’ve truly taught a good son. Luckily, you hadn’t borne nor raised my children. Otherwise, my children would’ve been ruined by you.”

“You claim that he’s innocent? Then how is Mu’er not innocent? You had a son together with a b*stard man and had me raise him for numerous years. You even had the cheek to delusionally attempt to kill my biological daughter! How can I possibly spare you and your son? Furthermore, don’t assume I’m unaware. That Third Prince of Tianqi Kingdom is scheming to seize my kingdom! Therefore, not only has he made me a cuckold, he even helped you to have your son become the next Liufeng Kingdom’s monarch! After Liufeng Kingdom falls in your son’s hands, he’ll immediately have the kingdom change surnames!”

The more he spoke, the angrier he was and he coldly said. “However, I will not punish you for the time being. After tomorrow morning’s assembly, I’ll then decide your crimes!”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to punish her, but that he had to discuss this with the various ministers. However, Consort Qin’s ending would definitely be extremely miserable! Thinking of what awaited her in the future, Consort Qin’s legs went soft and she fell to the floor, and her eyes were filled with pain and suffering.

Mu Zhentian no longer spared her another glance and left upon flinging his sleeves. Consort Qin who was left alone under this night scene had to weep miserably.

“Imperial son, your mother let you down.” Consort Qin’s expression was bleak. “If it weren’t for your mother easily believing in others, She your father wouldn’t have become someone else. 1 ”

That person even claimed that he would assist her in becoming the most respected woman of the Liufeng Kingdom. Now that she was suffering here, that person would never come to save them.

“You’re speaking nonsense. Don’t think of deceiving me. I’m Imperial Father’s son and not that b*stard’s!” The little prince angrily jumped up and his small hands ruthlessly slapped Consort Qin. “Find Imperial Father and tell him, I’m his son!”

“Imperial son?” Consort Qin looked up in disbelief, seemingly unable to believe that the little kid who was ruthless, self-centered, and didn’t recognize his own family was her own child.

In reality, she should’ve expected long ago that the little prince would not recognize his own family. After all, this little prince had even waited for Mu Zhentian’s early demise so that he could assume the throne.

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