Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1889 - End of Consort Qin (10)

Chapter 1889: End of Consort Qin (10)

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Consort Qin looked at Mu Zhentian in shock.

Your Majesty knew I was wrongly accused and even knew it wasn’t the Fourth Princess? Then why did he treat me as such?

“Your Majesty, what do you mean?” Consort Qin’s lips trembled as her expression was rather unsightly.

“Because…” Mu Zhentain paused, “those men dispatched to beat you and got you pregnant were my secret bodyguards!”


Consort Qin’s mind exploded, with astonishment and disbelief on her pale face.

Those people were dispatched by Your Majesty? How… how could this be? Why would he make himself a cuckold?

“Consort Qin, this is the price for delusionally wanting to plot against Mu’er’s life!” Mu Zhentian’s expression was very cold. “Furthermore, did you honestly think I didn’t know that your son isn’t my flesh and blood?”

Consort Qin’s expression became increasingly pale. She tightly bit her lips as her widened eyes were filled with shock.

Your Majesty knew? When?

Mu Zhentian’s voice became gentler and in addition, Consort Qin could only hear hatred from deep within his bones from his voice.

“Did you think I was truly in love with you because I didn’t punish you previously? You’re wrong! I only wanted to find out who made me a cuckold! Luckily, I had already investigated and found that your son is the son of the Tianqi Kingdom’s Third Prince!” Mu Zhentain coldly sneered, “I let you off temporarily to pull the snake from its hole and just yesterday, I captured the secret guard from the Tianqi Kingdom who came to deliver a letter.”

Consort Qin rigidly shook her head. She could never understand when Mu Zhentain knew everything.

“Since I know everything, there’s no need to let you remain alive!” Mu Zhentian looked up and gazed at the woman who was collapsed on the floor. “Therefore, it was a deliberate act for you to have a miscarriage at the Qi Family.”

Consort Qin lowered her eyes. Her heart was already dead from despair. In any case, she was His Majesty’s woman so why was he so cruel to her? Not hesitating to let the world know he was made a cuckold?

“I’m sure you want to know why did I not hesitate in letting everyone know you betrayed me in order to punish you? Mu Zhentian sneered. “Not only do I wish for your death, I also want your reputation to be tarnished and spurned by the world. This is your end for delusionally wanting to bully Mu’er!”

Consort Qin suddenly looked up and gazed at Mu Zhentian while shivering.

For Mu Xuexin, he did not hesitate to bring shame upon himself? Was this daughter so important to him?

“Mu’er is the Empress’s child and looking at her is equivalent to looking at the Empress. If not for the fact that as the Emperor I’m unable to indulge one woman, I wouldn’t even have you people’s existence! It was fine when you knew your place but unfortunately, you couldn’t recognize your abilities and repeatedly made things difficult for Mu’er!”

Mu Zhentian stood upright with hands behind his back. The moonlight sprinkled from outside the room and landed on his back.

“As such, to vent anger for Mu’er, so what if I let everyone knew you betrayed me?” After speaking, Mu Zhentain turned and looked outside. Under the night scene, the little prince’s petite face was pale and filled with panic.

“You’re lying to me, how could I not be Imperial Father’s son? I’m the Liufeng Kingdom’s prince and the next monarch!”

They must be lying to me! It must be so!

Consort Qin panicked as she hastily got up from the floor and dashed outside to embrace the little prince. Mu Zhentian did not obstruct her as he expressionlessly looked at the pair of mother and son.

“Your Majesty,” Consort Qin pulled the little prince and turned to kneel before Mu Zhentain. “My son is innocent and please pardon him. He’s only a child and is unaware of anything.”

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