Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1887 - End of Consort Qin (8)

Chapter 1887: End of Consort Qin (8)

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Instead, there was another method called, making them live while wishing they were dead! As for all these matters, Yun Luofeng did not get involved as she knew that Qi Su would resolve it himself.

Evidently, Qi Su's words caused Qi Zheng to be filled with dread as his voice trembled. "Su'er, I'm your father."

"Father?" Qi Su mocked, "My father died the moment he killed my elder brother."

Qi Zheng's complexion paled as his body staggered and fell. With his face similar to ashes, pain could be seen from within his eyes. He regretted it! Regretted believing in false information and killing the newborn child. He felt even more regret… of mistreating Qi Su after Yun Yueqing's disappearance!

Unfortunately, everything had happened and it was useless to feel regret.

"Qi Su." Under such an extremely serious atmosphere, a languid voice suddenly sounded and caused everyone's sight to converge on her breathtaking gorgeous face.

From the start, Mu Zhentian did not pay much attention to Yun Luofeng. He only knew that she was his benefactor. However… at this very moment when he noticed her bewitching and gorgeous appearance, a trace of shock streaked across his eyes.

Alike! They are too alike!

She and Yun Yueqing were as if carved from the same mold. He doubted that anyone would believe that they weren't related.

Furthermore, this woman had appeared alongside Qi Su and even accepted Qi Ling as her disciple. If it weren't because of Yun Yueqing, why would she coincidentally get acquainted with Qi Su and his sister? Even sparing no effort to help him?

"My lord." Qi Su did not conceal Yun Luofeng's identity as he gently called out. With Consort Qin falling from grace, there was nothing to fear about the Qi Family anymore.

Qi Zheng, who fell on the ground and didn't get back up, suddenly widened his eyes upon hearing Qi Su's address of Yun Luofeng as he stared unwaveringly at Yun Luofeng.

"Who exactly are you?!" Even though this woman and Yun Yueqing's appearance was very similar, he did not associate them together. The reason was that between these two women, one had peerless talent and courage while the other fawned on Qi Su…

That's right. In everyone's eyes, Yun Luofeng relied on having a similar appearance with Yun Yueqing and had deliberately approached Qi Su, delusionally wanting to obtain wealth and rank through Qi Su. After all, although Qi Su was chased out of the Qi Family, who could guarantee that he wouldn't return? However… Qi Su actually addressed this woman as lord?

Mu Zhentian and his daughter seemed undisturbed on the outside, but this was internally mind-blown. Luckily, they had vaguely guessed Yun Luofeng's identity and so, were not as shocked as the others.

"What relationship you believe us to have, then that's the relationship we have."

Under their astonished gazes, Yun Luofeng slowly spoke and had a faint smile, while her voice was as calm as a gentle wind. Neither had she agreed nor disagreed. Even though they believed Yun Yueqing and Bai Ling to be the same person!

Seemingly thinking of something, Qi Su stared blankly. " My lord, do you and my master… really have some sort of relationship?"

"Would you believe me if I said don't know?" Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and turned to Qi Su. Furthermore, no matter in public or otherwise, there's no need to address me as your lord! Ling'er is my disciple and you can directly call my name."

Otherwise, if Bai Ling was Yun Yueqing… their relationship would be extremely messy.

She doesn't know?

Qi Su was somewhat stupefied. Yes was yes and no was no. So why would she not know?

"I'm tired, hurry and settle the matters here. Don't let them disturb my rest." Yun Luofeng clearly didn't wish to explain any further. She lazily stretched and walked towards the Qi Family after bypassing the crowd.

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