Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1886 - End of Consort Qin (7)

Chapter 1886: End of Consort Qin (7)

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In the beginning, the Qi Family wasn't particularly influential, and coupled with his confidence that he could conceal this fact, he did not kill the midwife.

Even if someone investigated this matter, what he did was reasonable. That's right, Qi Zheng believed his actions were reasonable, so naturally, he wasn't worried about the matter being exposed. In addition, he had Qi Mo enter the estate to prevent Lin Qing from feeling too deeply hurt.

As for Jian Feifei… she had instead wanted to deal with the midwife. However, the midwife was very crafty and did not give Jian Feifei any opportunities. Moreover, Jian Feifei's capabilities weren't powerful enough at that time so the midwife managed to escape. Ultimately, Qi Su had exerted a great amount of effort to locate the midwife.

"Your servant pays her respects to Your Majesty." The midwife walked out while being led by two guards and then knelt before the Emperor and trembled.

The instant Jian Feifei saw the midwife emerge, she swayed and nearly fainted.

"Speak, what exactly is going on?" Mu Zhentian questioned with a cold expression.

The midwife trembled. "It's… it's Jian Feifei. She passed me a bottle of medicine to sprinkle on those flowers and had me tell the Qi Family head that the child brought bad luck. In this case, Jian Feifei could take advantage of the opportunity and request for her son to enter the estate. Your Majesty, Jian Feifei promised me a hundred silvers back then and I accidentally divulged this incident to my son when I returned. My son was more sensible and claimed that Jian Feifei would murder me to shut my mouth…"

"Therefore…" her voice was constantly trembling as she spoke, "I escaped without daring to take the money. Your Majesty, I know I was wrong and please spare me on the account that I didn't take the money."

Mu Zhentian snorted. "Do you know that your actions caused the death of an innocent life? Repaying one life with one is natural and right!" After speaking, he looked sternly at Jian Feifei. When Qi Zheng saw her appearance, he knew that the midwife was speaking the truth.

"Jian Feifei!" He furiously shouted. All these years, what was the reason Qi Zheng had loved Jian Feifei so dearly? Wasn't it for her kind-heartedness?

That year after he strangled his eldest son and was worrying about how he would explain to Lin Qing, it was Jian Feifei who stood up with an appearance that inspired reverence as she claimed to be willing to sacrifice herself to fulfill Lin Qing's wish of having a son!

It was also because of this that he felt guilty towards her, even believing Lin Qing to have deprived her of her son. Unexpectedly, everything was her scheme…

Qi Zheng's expression was of grief and indignation. He even dreamed that maybe if his eldest son wasn't dead, everything would be different. The Qi Family's glory would be his, and the spirit-gathering formulation would also belong to him. Moreover, Qi Su would still be filial towards him…

Even at this point, Qi Zheng hadn't reflected on his mistakes and pushed the responsibility on Jian Feifei. With Qi Zheng's furious shout, Jian Feifei's last line of defense finally collapsed and she collapsed on the floor.

Her complexion was deathly pale and under extreme fear, she couldn't utter a single word.

"Enough!" Seeing Qi Zheng about to lecture Jian Feifei, Qi Su coldly shouted. "You have no rights to punish her. This woman landed my mother in such a plight and even caused my elder brother's death. I will personally take care of her…"

"As for you," Qi Su coldly smiled. "Did you think death would be your relief?"

No! He would let him suffer his whole life!

Yun Luofeng leaned on a tree bark all along and upon seeing the evil tendencies in Qi Su's eyes, she unconsciously quirked her lips.

To humans, death was the easiest choice.

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