Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1885 - End of Consort Qin (6)

Chapter 1885: End of Consort Qin (6)

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“Su’er, are you speaking the truth?” a trembling voice sounded.

Qi Su was startled and hastily looked over, spotting a face filled with streaks of tears. “Mother, why did you come out here?”

“Su’er, Mother shall only ask you of this. Are you speaking the truth?” Lin Qing tightly gripped her fists as she trembled incessantly.

Qi Su bitterly smiled and nodded. “It’s the truth.” Lin Qing knew that her son had never lied to her, so her furious eyes locked onto Qi Zheng.

“That year, you killed my son, just so Jian Feifei’s son could sneak into the Qi Family to pass as the eldest son! In the end, you actually said it was my fault?”

“Qi Zheng, how could you be so savage to this extent? Clearly, you harmed my innocent child and had me take care of your mistress’s son. Yet, after fetching your mistress into the Qi Family, you forced your seriously ill wife to apologize!” Recalling everything that happened that day, Lin Qing staggered as tears flowed down without restraint.

“Three months ago, you claimed that I snatched Jian Feifei’s son, causing both of them to be separated and so, everything was my fault! You forced me to kneel and apologize to Jian Feifei but before then, I never knew that Qi Mo wasn’t my son! What’s more, I was unaware that you had killed my son!”

The crowd who was angry at Qi Zheng’s action had become even more enraged after hearing Lin Qing’s tearful complaints.

There was actually such a shameless person in this world? First, he killed his wife’s son and had his mistress’s son sneak in by underhanded means. Then he even had his wife raise his mistress’s son for ten over years. Ultimately, he even forced her to apologize to his mistress? Saying that she stole someone else’s son?

Even if one was shameless, they had to have a limit. How could a shameless person like this live until today?

Qi Zheng’s expression became increasingly pale. However, he was still reluctant to admit his mistakes. “Just because Qi Su claimed I killed, how can it prove that I did so? Where’s the evidence?”

Qi Su sneered. “Do you have the guts to swear an oath? Swear to the heavens that if you killed my elder brother, you’ll enter the eighteen depths of hell without reincarnating for eternity!”

Hearing Qi Su’s words, Qi Zheng’s complexion became deathly pale as his eyes revealed his guilty conscience. From that, everyone had also understood who had lied.

“So what if I did so?” Qi Zheng gnashed his teeth and admitted. “That child was bad luck! The moment he cried, the entire back garden wilted and even the midwife said he brought bad fortune.”

“Causing the flowers to wilt means bad luck?” Yun Luofeng cast a meaningful glance at Qi Su and stopped his actions, before turning to Qi Zheng. “Would you believe that I have a method to cause flowers to wilt?”

“What?” Qi Zheng stared blankly.

Yun Luofeng wickedly smiled. “There’s a type of soil, named as Yellow Heaven Soil, that will cause flowers to wilt when mixed with spirit flower powder. If you are doubtful, you can question the physicians at present.”

Even though Qi Zheng had learned some medical skills before, his talents were lacking and he was only a dabbler. Naturally, he wasn’t aware of this. Among the people Mu Zhentian brought, there were also physicians present and upon hearing Yun Luofeng’s words, they had also nodded.

“That’s right, this method can also cause the flowers to wilt.”

Qi Zheng wanted to insist on his own views, but seeing the imperial physicians agreeing, his expression suddenly changed. “This… it’s impossible. How could those things you say be present in my Qi Family? The incident of the flowers wilting must not have been caused by that.

“Is that so?” Qi Su laughed grimly. He had already seen Jian Feifei’s pale complexion with a glimpse as he continued speaking, “Coincidentally, I’ve located the midwife from back then.”

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