Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1884 - End of Consort Qin (5)

Chapter 1884: End of Consort Qin (5)

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"Your Majesty, I didn't lie! Oh right, the Spirit-Gathering Pharmacy! The pharmacy was opened by the Tianqi Kingdom's Second Prince and Qi Su is already one of theirs. He sold the country to our enemy and Mu Xuexin must've known about this. They collaborated to deal with the Liufeng Kingdom! My son is the Liufeng Kindom's only prince and by doing so, she has pulled my son down!"

Consort Qin became anxious and wanted to push everything on Mu Xuexin without a care for anything. Even if it was hard to escape death, she would never let them have a good life!

Mu Zhentian's eyes dimmed. "Speaking of the little prince, I'm suspecting whether or not he's my child! Shortly after we return, I'll hold the Blood Identification Ceremony!"

Consort Qin's body weakened and fell to the ground. Her gaze was filled with despair as she bit on her lips. "However, Qi Su having secret ties with the Tianqi Kingdom's prince is a fact. How can Your Majesty shield them?"

"Secret ties?" A wicked and sinister voice sounded. Consort Qin's lips trembled as she turned to the woman.

Yun Luofeng quirked her lips. "Who told you the Spirit-Gathering Pharmacy belonged to the Tianqi Kingdom's Second Prince?"

Consort Qin was startled. What did she mean?

"Didn't Qi Su sell the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid's formulation to the Second Prince?"

If that wasn't the case, she wouldn't have stopped going after the medicine store.

"That was only a rumor on the street and how could that be real? Did you personally hear Qi Su admitting it?" Yun Luofeng glanced at Consort Qin with indifference and an expressionless face. Consort Qin finally recovered her senses, while baring her fangs and brandishing her claws, wanting to pounce towards Qi Su.

"Qi Su you liar! You even dared to deceive your aunt! I'll kill you!"

Qi Su retreated and frowned as he sneered. "If I hadn't said so, wouldn't you have taken advantage of His Majesty being seriously ill, with no one to restrain you, and seized my spirit-gathering medicine store? I remember that General Li insisted that my spirit-gathering medicinal liquid belonged to the Qi Family and wanted to forcefully seize the formulation!"

"This spirit-gathering medicinal liquid belongs to the Qi Family. You coveted the Qi Family's belongings!" Even until now, Consort Qin was still unrepentant.

Mu Zhentian cast a meaningful glance to his subordinates and they immediately went up, then held down Consort Qin, causing her to be immobile.

"What is the Qi Family? Every single copper of the family was earned by my Master!" Qi Su looked up towards Mu Zhentian. "Your Majesty, I have something else I'd like you to be the judge of."

Facing Qi Su, Mu Zhentian's expression had instead, alleviated. He quite liked this fellow and it wasn't only due to Mu Xuexin. Instead, his talents were outstanding and he had a good personality. Only such a young man was suited to become the Imperial Family's son-in-law.

"There's no harm in speaking."

"Your Majesty, Qi Zheng previously fetched his mistress, Jian Feifei, back into the family. If that was all, it would be fine. However, I have found out something just awhile back." Qi Su glanced at Qi Zheng while the killing intent in his eyes was extremely dense. "Qi Zheng is savage and killed my brother. He even allowed Jian Feifei's son, Qi Mo, to pose as the Qi Family's eldest son."

What? Everyone turned pale from shock as they looked at Qi Zheng with disbelief. Even wild beasts look after their young, but he actually committed such actions that go against one's conscience?

Qi Zheng's mouth dried up. He then quibbled, "What nonsense are you sprouting?"

This matter was hidden for numerous years, so how could Qi Su know of it?

"Do you want to know how I found out?" Qi Su sneered, "Since I found out that Qi Mo wasn't my brother, I've been talking with my uncle about this. At that time when my mother gave birth, my uncle and aunt were also outside. They heard the child's cries, yet you claimed that my mother had a stillbirth. As such, I deliberately investigated and fortunately, the heaven's didn't let me down. I found out that you had killed my elder brother!"

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