Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1883 - End of Consort Qin (4)

Chapter 1883: End of Consort Qin (4)

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Consort Qin's smile stiffened. Qi Zheng, Qi Mo and Jian Feifei's complacent smile hadn't had time to disappear… Reason being, they were shocked silly by Mu Zhentian's words.

What did the Emperor say? Consort Qin is no longer an imperial family member?

"Your Majesty!" Consort Qin screamed and glanced at him with a pitiful gaze, "I wonder what your concubine has done for Your Majesty to treat me so?"

Mu Zhentian's expression darkened. "You bullied others with your authority, and the person you bullied is my benefactor! What punishment do you think you deserve?"

Consort Qin's complexion paled as she weakly questioned, "What does Your Majesty mean? When has your concubine…"

Bullied your benefactor?

Before she finished speaking, Mu Zhentian interrupted her. "Miss Yun is my benefactor and you brought men to bully her. You even wanted me to punish her for you?"


The moment he spoke, he released a palm strike and caused Consort Qin to suddenly fly out and crash with a bang. Elder Wang was shocked silly as a chill spread throughout his heart. He shrunk his shoulders, unconsciously wanting to lessen his existence. These events were out of his expectations and he had not managed to react until this very moment.

"Ah!" Consort Qin screamed and tightly held onto her stomach. Blood flowed out from her lower body and her face was incomparably pale. Although Qi Zheng wasn't proficient in medical skills, he had previously learned a few tricks when Yun Yueqing was present.

Seeing Consort Qin bleeding incessantly from her lower body, he was slightly startled.

If it was her period, she wouldn't be bleeding so much… Could it be…

Qi Zheng rejoiced internally, yet walked to Consort Qin's side while remaining calm and collected. He then took Consort Qin's pulse and after sensing her pulse, his expression suddenly became extremely sorrowful.

"Your Majesty, Consort Qin had a miscarriage. Even if you no longer love her, but the child in her womb is your child. Please close one eye and save Consort Qin."

Of course, he didn't do this for Consort Qin but only because he had wanted to survive. If Consort Qin was with child, the Emperor would definitely be soft-hearted and the Qi Family could also escape from this calamity. However, Qi Zheng hadn't noticed that the moment he spoke, Consort Qin's complexion became increasingly pale.

Her hands tightly grabbed her skirt as her gaze revealed despair.

I'm dead! This time, no matter what I say, it's all useless!

"Ever since I was sick, I haven't touched Consort Qin, so how could she possibly be pregnant?" Perhaps Consort Qin caused Mu Zhentian to be infuriated, he did not even consider for a moment before speaking.

What? The Emperor didn't touch Consort Qin?

Qi Zheng's expression instantly turned pale as he submissively said, "Your Majesty, are you mistaken? Consort Qin has always been gentle and virtuous, she would never commit such infidelity. Your Majesty must've had visited Consort Qin but had forgotten." At this moment, Qi Zheng spoke without thinking and instantly caused Mu Zhentian's expression to turn cold.

"Hmph! Consort Qin couldn't endure the loneliness and betrayed me, yet she wants me to be the scapegoat? Ever since I recovered, I've been spending my days in the study room and this can be ascertained from the records!" Mu Zhentian's expression turned sharp and stern. "Men, arrest Consort Qin and wait for my investigation before punishing her!"

Hearing his words, Consort Qin hastily climbed up and staggered as she pounced towards Mu Zhentian

"Your Majesty, your concubine was wronged! It's Mu Xuexin, she deliberately framed me!"

When he heard Consort Qin trying to frame Mu Xuexin, he became increasingly furious. "Consort Qin is unrepentant and even wronged the Fourth Princess. Her crimes shall be increased!"

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