Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1882 - End of Consort Qin (3)

Chapter 1882: End of Consort Qin (3)

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Mu Xuexin released an increasingly chilly expression. "Consort Qin's words can be trusted? Then if I say that Consort Qin had hanky-panky business with others and is pregnant with an illegitimate child, shouldn't you be grateful to me?"

She merely spoke casually but it caused Consort Qin's heart to skip a beat as her complexion turned deathly pale.

As expected, this matter was done by Mu Xuexin. Otherwise, how would she have known I was pregnant?

Thinking of this, she gnashed her teeth while her gaze revealed fury.

"Princess, how can you randomly make such claims and frame others?" Elder Wang was very discontented. Frankly speaking, he was very mindful of the Emperor doting on the Fourth Princess. The Fourth Princess was woman and she would be married off in the future. It was better to shift his love and concern to the little prince instead, as he belongs to the Imperial Family!

Mu Xuexin shrugged her shoulders. "You say that I'm framing her, so why are you so quick to believe Consort Qin's words?"

Elder Wang's expression soured. "No matter if these words are true, I personally saw Qi Su wanting to strangle Consort Qin. He plotted against Consort Qin's life and ought to be put to death!" This time around, he'd like to see how the Fourth Princess would help them.

Plotting against the Imperial Family was a capital offense.

"That's right!" Suddenly, a voice sounded from the rear crowd. "Plotting against an Imperial Family member is indeed a capital offense!" The moment his words were spoken, a middle-aged man walked over with the protection of a group of bodyguards.

The man's appearance was handsome and was somewhat similar to Mu Xuexin. The aura of the subordinates he brought along with him did not lose to Elder Wang.

Heavenly-god experts?

To be capable of bringing so many heavenly-god level experts… There was only one person in Liufeng Kingdom…

Not waiting for the spectators to guess the man's identity, they saw Elder Wang and the imperial guards kneeling down. "Your humble servants welcome Your Majesty."

A trace of delight flashed across Consort Qin's face.

Earlier on, Your Majesty said that plotting against an Imperial Family member's life was a capital offense? Could it be that he came to get justice for me?

That's right, although she had conspired against the princess previously, the Emperor didn't even punish her and he must've regarded her as his true love. Now that she was nearly killed, how could His Majesty be unconcerned?

Perhaps due to the Emperor's arrival, Consort Qin looked up proudly and she said in an overbearing manner, "Qi Su, what else do you have to say? I'm an imperial concubine and you even dared to humiliate me. It's simply not putting His Majesty in your eyes!"

Qi Zheng and Qi Mo had also relaxed in succession.

His Majesty had come and was clearly on Consort Qin's side. This time, even if Yun Luofeng had monstrous abilities, it would be hard to escape death.

"Qi Su," Qi Zheng revealed a cold expression, "If you have your mother offer an apology to Feifei, I'll save her life! Of course, she will no longer be Qi Family's first madam and can only be a servant. In the future, there'll only be Feifei as the Qi Family's madam!"

Jian Feifei's face was beaming with a big smile and had an unconcealable complacent intent in her eyes.

Lin Qing, no matter how you struggle, you'll never beat me in your whole life! In the future, I'll be the madam in Qi Family who calls the shots while you'll only be a servant. I will return everything you and your son have done to me at that time!

However… Jian Feifei did not reveal her internal thoughts and gently said. "My lord, isn't this too ruthless? In any case, Lin Qing has had your child and brought them up, so why not let her become a concubine?"

"Feifei, you're the kindhearted one, not like Lin Qing that evil woman. Since you're so magnanimous, I'll definitely treat you well!"

These people minded their own business and spoke, without noticing Qi Su's quirked lips and Mu Zhentian's chilly expression.

"I haven't finished speaking. Plotting against the imperial family is indeed a capital offense, but Consort Qin has been demoted to a commoner! She's no longer my concubine!"

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