Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1881 - End of Consort Qin (2)

Chapter 1881: End of Consort Qin (2)

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In particular, Elder Wang's consumption of spiritual energy was extremely fast after experiencing that battle and he gradually felt less capable than was desirable.

In contrast, Yun Luofeng's attacks became fiercer, as if possessing unlimited spiritual energy.

Elder Wang's expression became increasingly anxious. He had been too hasty making this trip, or else he wouldn't have been forced to this extent if he had called upon a few other elders.

Just as Elder Wang was about to get defeated, a crisp voice suddenly sounded among the crowd.

"Elder Wang, stop your attacks! If you dare to injure Qi Su and Miss Yun, you had better be prepared to suffer the consequences!"

Elder Wang's expression suddenly changed.

Why had the Fourth Princess come? However, as the Fourth Princess had an engagement with Qi Su, her arrival was within expectations.

It was just that… what did she mean by harming this woman? Clearly, I am the one getting bullied, alright?

Mu Xuexin dashed in past the crowd and her face was red through and through, evidently due to running too fast.

Qi Ling who followed behind her was also panting and couldn't even utter a single word. However, after witnessing the scene in the skies, Mu Xuexin was stunned.

This… what's with the current situation? Reasonably speaking, shouldn't Yun Luofeng be bullied by Elder Wang? Why do I feel that Elder Wang is at a disadvantage?

Seeing Mu Xuexin's arrival, Yun Luofeng retracted her aura and walked down from the skies with indifference. Seeing her actions, Elder Wang dashed towards Yun Luofeng, with a cold glint streaking across his eyes as he was about to release an attack.

However… it was as if Yun Luofeng had eyes behind her back, and the moment Elder Wang arrived near her, she suddenly turned and released a palm strike on his chest.

Not expecting his sneak attack to be discovered, Elder Wang did not guard against her in the slightest. Furthermore, she struck right in the middle of his heart. He instantly spat out blood, then fell from the skies and crashed on the ground, resulting in a huge pit.

Within the pit, he panted with great difficulty and felt extreme pain from his heart. Even breathing became difficult. Fortunately, he was a heavenly-god cultivator and only required a short moment to gradually recover. If his strength was just slightly lacking, perhaps he would've perished on the spot…

Qi Zheng's expression had turned pale from fright.

If this woman fought with me instead of Yun Yi, I definitely wouldn't be able to survive from her strike and would die on the spot.

Thinking of this, Qi Zheng was glad. Glad that he was still alive.

The instant Yun Luofeng descended from the skies, the time-limit of the dragon scale armor was up. Otherwise, she wouldn't have stopped her attack so early.

"Miss Yun, are you alright?" Mu Xuexin recovered from her astonishment and relaxed after seeing Yun Luofeng safe and sound. In any case, Yun Luofeng was her Imperial Father's benefactor. If something happened to her or if she was even injured by members of the Imperial Family, she would never forgive herself.


Not waiting for Yun Luofeng to speak, Elder Wang had climbed out from the huge pit and covered his chest, while speaking with a pale face. "I know you have an engagement with Qi Su, but this woman and Qi Su humiliated the Imperial Family and you definitely can't shield them!"

Humiliated the Imperial Family?

Mu Xuexin coldly smiled and glanced at Consort Qin who turned pale from fright. A cold glint then streaked across her lowered eyes.

"Did you see it or hear it personally?"

"This…" Elder Wang was startled, "Consort Qin said so. She said that this woman forced her to kneel, even claiming that the Imperial Family was only fit to kneel before her!"

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