Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1880 - End of Consort Qin (1)

Chapter 1880: End of Consort Qin (1)

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However, before long, dragon scales appeared on the woman's body…

Yes, it was a dragon scale-shaped armor, shining in the sun.

When Consort Qin, who had been watching at the side, saw this, a greedy gleam flickered across her eyes. "This Dragon Scale Armor is also the Qi Family's! Qi Su, the little b*stard, stole this treasure to win the favor of this woman. Elder Wang, you must take the armor off this woman. She is not worthy of wearing it!"

Hearing this, Qi Su gave a sarcastic smile, "Consort Qin. Why don't you just claim that all the treasures in this world belong to your Qi Family?"

All eyes were on Consort Qin. Though the onlookers didn't dare to say anything for fear of the Imperial Family, they were clear about what was going on here. To their surprise, Consort Qin was so greedy that no matter what Yun Luofeng took out, she would say it was hers!

Elder Wang scowled and glanced at Consort Qin with dissatisfaction. Though he firmly believed the words of Consort Qin just previously, now he hesitated…

Consort Qin was ignorant. However, he knew clearly that the dragon scale armor was condensed after its owner drank dragon's blood. Of course, not all dragon blood had this effect. Those that could be condensed into Dragon Scale Armor were very rare.

The process was also extraordinarily painful. He didn't believe that anyone of the Qi Family could bear that kind of pain.

No matter how much doubt Elder Wang had in his mind, he didn't show it. He frowned, "Little girl, it seems that I underestimated you. I didn't expect you to have such a treasure. In that case, I won't reserve any strength when I fight you."

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Then he punched at Yun Luofeng with all his might.

Yun Luofeng's figure was as swift as a breeze. She easily dodged Elder Wang's attack, and then deftly moved behind him. A long sword suddenly appeared in her hand.

She waved it and chopped at him.

Feeling the cold glint behind him, Elder Wang hurried to dodge it. With a thud, the long sword cut a long hole in the ground, and Elder Wang looked a bit flustered.

Many people in the street were watching the fight. Frightened by it, they all retreated to the back, fearing that the battle would affect them.

The battle was not over!

Although Yun Luofeng was a god-level spirit cultivator, she was no slower than the heavenly-god level one. Besides, with the protection of the dragon scale armor, her physical toughness was improved a lot.


The weak people could only see sparks splashing in the air and couldn't clearly see the battle between the two.

Consort Qin was anxious, "Elder Wang, didn't you just say you would fight her with all your might? This girl is just a god-level spirit cultivator. You're supposed to beat her soon even with only a third of your strength. Why don't you just kill her? Come on, Kill her! Get my Dragon Scale Armor back!"

Elder Wang in the sky had already taken out his weapon and didn't dare to despise his enemy anymore. However, even so, he looked flustered confronting Yun Luofeng who had the dragon scale armor protecting her.

Elder Wang, who was already anxious, turned black at the words of Consort Qin, and he felt bitterness in his mouth.

He never expected that one day, he would be forced to such a degree by a girl…

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