Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1878 - Get Down On Your Knees (5)

Chapter 1878: Get Down On Your Knees (5)

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In fact, the guards had been kicked to the ground by Qi Su and couldn't get up.

As for Qi Zheng…

With Yun Yi still behind him, he didn't dare to do anything!

Not to mention Qi Zheng, even Qi Mo, who was always presumptuous, didn't dare to say a word. It wasn't that he had forgiven Qi Su, but… that he lived a miserable life after Qi Su returned to the Qi Family!

After being brutally tortured these days, he didn't dare to go against him anymore.

Unless Consort Qin could kill Qi Su…


At this moment, Qi Mo had a feeling that Consort Qin couldn't kill Qi Su. Otherwise, Qi Su wouldn't be so disrespectful to her.

Just then, a cold shout came from the sky and was heard by the crowd. "Boy, how dare you attack the Imperial Consort?"

When Qi Su heard this, he felt a sharp pain as if a hammer had hit his chest. His hand trembled and Consort Qin slipped down from his hands.

In the sky, an old man stood there with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked coldly at the boisterous crowd below, and his eyes were growing angry.

"Elder Wang, help me!"

Seeing the old man, Consort Qin hurriedly called out as if seeing a savior.

Elder Wang didn't speak. He stared at Qi Su with murderous eyes. With a boom, he suddenly released a powerful aura.

Being hit by this aura, Qi Su felt distress in his chest and vomited a mouthful of blood.

A heavenly-god level spirit cultivator!

This old man was a heavenly-god level spirit cultivator of the Liufeng Kingdom!

Qi Su suppressed his inner shock and tried to work out a way to inform Mu'er to solve this old man.


Just as Qi Su was going to be overwhelmed by the aura, a white figure drifted by and stood before him.

"Qi Su, take care of your sister."

Qi Ling was also affected by the aura of the old man. Now she was pale and unable to speak.

Qi Su was shocked.

As long as Miss Yun stood before him, the pressure dissipated.

Is Miss Yun also a heavenly-god level spirit cultivator?

Is… this possible?

"Girl, you want to meddle in my business?" The old man's eyes darkened, "I just heard that someone was bullying our Imperial Family. I just came here to uphold justice for the Imperial Family. You'd better mind your own business."

Just now, seeing the situation was unfavorable to them, Consort Qin's men had returned to the Imperial Palace and asked somebody for help.

Elder Wang, who was cultivating, immediately came here after hearing the report.

Although he was already a heavenly-god level spirit cultivator, he had to obey the Emperor's commands in the Imperial Palace.

There were, after all, still two reverent-god level spirit cultivators guarding the Emperor.

Consort Qin was the true love of the Emperor. Even if she bullied the princess like that, the Emperor still forgave her, which proved that the Emperor really loved her.

So he would unconditionally stand by Consort Qin's side.

Even though Consort Qin was in the wrong!

"Elder Wang, don't let this woman off. She is with Qi Su. She disdained our Imperial Family, humiliated His Majesty, and even forced me to kneel down to her, claiming that it just served us right!" Consort Qin said with a sneer and glared at Yun Luofeng.

Although there were many people around, Consort Qin thought no one would dare to refute her words.

Sure enough, no one dared to defend Yun Luofeng and Qi Su when they heard Consort Qin's false accusation.

That was the fickleness of the world.

"Oh?" Elder Wang's eyes darkened bit by bit, and he said in a cold voice, "It serves us right? Humph! I'd like to see what makes you so presumptuous!"

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